Motorcycle cab: the reflex to reach Paris quickly!

Motorcycles are a great way to get around these days. Passengers get to ride in the fresh air and not cooped up in a car or subway, etc. while breathing in someone else's germs!

The companies that have positioned themselves on this private transport market have only planned a few "updates" to counter the effects of the spread of the coronavirus. Changing and cleaning blankets on every trip, disinfecting helmets, providing disposable helmet liners and disinfecting hands before and after every trip. Even the contact with the pilot is reduced to its minimum, with the compulsory wearing of mask to reduce to 0 the risk of contamination. Even the payment can be done online, without any contact.

Get to Paris quickly from the airport with a motorcycle cab

Don't know how to get to the city from the airport by public transport? Don't know how much you should pay for a motorcycle cab? Once upon a time - not too long ago in fact - a cab moto Roissy could (and would) dictate its own pricing from the airport to and from central Paris. However, since 2016, strict fares have been put in place for these trips. 

From Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

CDG is the largest airport in France and the second largest in Europe. If you are traveling outside of Europe, there is a good chance that you will fly into CDG.

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Located only 25 km north of the city, a cab from CDG should cost you 50€ or 55€, depending on where you live in Paris. If you opt for motorcycle cabs as your means of transportation, the fare is much cheaper. Moreover, if you pay online, you pay exactly the amount mentioned in the quote, without any additional fees.

Unlike dishonest cab drivers, who will try to charge travelers large sums of money, motorcycle cab drivers are not dishonest, and will stick to the price you were quoted when you made your reservation. If someone offers you a higher price, simply move on to the next motorcycle cab in line.

From Orly (ORY)

Orly is the second busiest airport in Paris and the busiest for domestic traffic. Closer to Paris than CDG, Orly is only 13 km south of Paris and is served by many public transportation lines. However, with at least two changes between shuttle-train-bus, many tourists prefer the simplicity of a motorcycle cab.

Previously, motorcycle cab drivers included their trip to the airport in the price of their trip from the airport to the city. 

For regular cabs, the drivers are not allowed to charge you extra for carrying luggage in the trunk or pets in the car. However, an extra charge of 4€ is added for each passenger of more than 4 people in a car. For motorcycle cabs, you will know the price you will pay when you make your reservation, specify your destination and luggage, and you will get your quote. 

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From Beauvais (BVA)

Located in the sleepy village of Tillé, which has 1,118 inhabitants, 57 sheep and a post office, BVA is not in Paris at all. Located 53 miles northwest of Paris, its official name is Beauvais-Tillé Airport.

How much does a cab cost from Beauvais airport to Paris? Take a deep breath... between 120€ and 160€, without the flat rate option. Most people prefer to take the shuttle, which takes an hour and 20 minutes and costs 15,90€. That's why it's more convenient to opt for a motorcycle cab, although the distance is a bit long to Paris, but the experience could be quite interesting and especially fast.

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