The benefits of owning a Tesla car

The Tesla brand is one of the largest manufacturers of luxury electric cars. Despite its recent entry into the French market, this manufacturer manages to attract the attention of individuals wishing to buy a quality electric car. Here are the advantages you can enjoy by buying a Tesla car.

The difference between Tesla models and other electric cars

The Tesla brand specializes in the sale of electric cars. However, it is one of the few manufacturers that have achieved a level of popularity comparable to that of regular car manufacturers. It is this ability to stand out from the competition that is one of the main reasons why consumers choose Tesla. buy a car electric Tesla.

Each Tesla vehicle model is characterized by several interesting factors. They have sleek styling, exceptional range, and acceleration speeds comparable to sports cars. You can buy an electric car that will give you the same performance that gasoline-powered cars can offer.

Centralization of control options on the control screen

All Tesla vehicle models are equipped with a central control screen. This is a 15-inch touchscreen located on the dashboard and is the centerpiece of the car. From this screen, you can control almost everything related to the vehicle. It allows you to get rid of the many buttons that are always present on the dashboard.

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The navigation interface of the control screen offers a wide range of features. On the left side, you will find a real-time, graphical representation of your Tesla Model. Using the interface, you have the ability to open your rear and front trunk. You can also use it to activate the charging hatch.

The menu bar, which is in the form of icons, is located at the bottom of the screen. Through this menu, you can use several different services like Google Maps. It also allows you to access the different settings of the car such as air conditioning, heating or vehicle configuration.

The autopilot option

Autopilot is still a very new technology. The role of this option is to assist the driver while driving the vehicle. In autopilot mode, the driver is able to release the steering wheel from its grip and relax completely.

Essentially, the car will get you to your destination without you having to do anything. Note, however, that Autopilot does not make your Tesla vehicle autonomous. The driver must remain vigilant and monitor the car's actions.

The technology applied to the autopilot mode gives it the ability to perform a large number of processes. For example, it can manage the car's forward and reverse gears. It can keep the vehicle in the driving trajectory, make it accelerate and slow down automatically, depending on the circumstances.

Quick and easy to recharge

To charge your Tesla vehicle, you have two simple options. You can choose to charge at home. In this case, you simply plug your car into a household outlet in your garage. All you need is its power cable to do a full charge.

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You can also choose the VIP option. Tesla also offers Supercharger charging. This method guarantees you a 50% recharge of your Tesla battery in 20 minutes.

Very economical

One of the main benefits of electric vehicles is their ability to save their owners money. You no longer have to pay taxes such as the company car tax (TVTS), as all Tesla models are exempt from it. Plus, since they run on electricity, you won't have to spend thousands of dollars a year on fuel.

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