The advantages of cellulose wadding insulation panel

In order to enjoy the well-being offered by your home, it must be equipped with good insulation. It is proven that this is the only way to make it healthy, energy efficient and ecological. The techniques offered in terms of insulation abound on the market. So, it is necessary to know better what is needed for a better thermal and phonic comfort. But first, it is important to know the benefits of insulation.

Why insulate your home with panels?

The insulation of the house is very important. The benefits of good insulation for its occupants are many. Even the household budget benefits. Regardless of the type of board used, insulation offers :

  • better living comfort without drafts and humidity;
  • a healthy and durable home, therefore less prone to frequent repairs;
  • better air quality and fewer respiratory problems;
  • a decrease in energy consumption; the insulation has ensured a good distribution of heat, thus less heating;
  • Save money with lower energy bills;
  • a home protected from fire thanks to the anti-fire and fireproofing additives that make up the cellulose wadding insulation panels.

The level of these benefits varies for new construction and renovation. It is interesting to be aware of these benefits when choosing the material to use for the insulation panel. It is possible to benefit from several ecological aids for any owner who wants to carry out insulation work. Obtaining such aid also requires the owner to use only an RGE certified company. Indeed, the companies and the craftsmen RGE certify the guarantee of the work to be carried out.

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Cellulose wadding insulation

Cellulose wadding is an economical insulation made from recycled paper. It is classified as a perfect insulator, while being the cheapest insulator on the market. It is therefore mainly recommended for lost attics. In addition, it has a very good thermal inertia and provides comfort in summer.

The cellulose wadding panel offers a good thermal and sound insulation. In addition to its good quality of thermal inertia, it also offers an undeniable power of phase shift. Thus, their ability to defer temperature variations allows for thermal comfort in summer and winter.

The fields of application of cellulose wadding panels can concern all spaces to be insulated:

  • the roof The panel is installed as an under-roof between the roof timbers. frame to limit thermal bridges;
  • the wall : for an insulation by the interior of the peripheral walls or a thermal insulation by the exterior under cladding.
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