The Grand Frais loyalty card

It has been proven that a healthy diet, based on fresh products and vegetables, is the basis for a good health! The search for (or even the quest for!) these foods at decent prices is crucial, especially in the current economic context.

It is in this niche that the store Freshness is tackling. It offers excellent alternatives and varieties of fruits and vegetables, while diversifying its offer with seafood products increasingly highlighted.

With its many departments dedicated to different types of food, this store offers a complete and varied range of products so that you can find everything you need for your daily life.

It is in this spirit that many would like to take advantage of the Grand Frais loyalty carda practical solution to meet these needs. But what about this card?

The Grand Frais store concept

The Grand Frais store stands out for its innovative concept and its commitment to offering its customers quality products at competitive prices, with a special focus on fruit and vegetables, its core business.

The store promises a pleasant and friendly shopping experience, with well-organized spaces and a wide selection of fresh foods.

The store's universes

In order to best meet the expectations of its customers, the Grand Frais store organizes its departments around five distinct universes:

  • Fruits and vegetables : You'll find a vast selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, carefully selected for their taste and freshness. In each of its stores, Grand Frais promotes fruits and vegetables from sustainable agriculture and short circuits.
  • Butchery and delicatessen : This department offers a wide range of quality meats, poultry and cold cuts from the best supply chains.
  • Fishmonger's : Fresh fish and seafood await you in this department, with a wide range of choices to satisfy all seafood lovers.
  • Creamery : Milk, butter, cream, cheese... everything you need for your dairy recipes is available in this area.
  • Delicatessen : You will find condiments, spices, oils, vinegars, pasta, rice, dried vegetables and other delicate and tasty foods to enhance your dishes.

Quality first

The Grand Frais store attaches particular importance to the quality of the products it offers, with a few well-publicized labels.

Fruits and vegetables are carefully selected for their taste, their freshness, and the proximity of their place of culture. Meat and fish come from rigorously chosen supply chains, in France in most cases.

The brand favors local producers and short circuits, in order to guarantee customers healthy and responsible food.

How do I get the Grand Frais loyalty card?

To obtain a Grand Frais loyalty card, simply go to a Grand Frais store and ask for a card at the front desk or at the cash register. Once you have the card, you must create an online customer account to activate the card and enjoy its benefits. This account also allows you to view your accumulated points balance and special offers reserved for cardholders.

Creation of an online customer account

Creating an online customer account is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Grand Frais website.
  2. Click on "My Account" located at the top right of the home page.
  3. Fill out the form with the requested information, including your email address and a password.
  4. Validate your registration by clicking on the link sent by e-mail.
  5. Log in to your account and add your loyalty card by entering the number on the back of the card.

Is it done? Great! Once you've completed these steps, you'll be able to take full advantage of all the benefits of your Grand Frais loyalty card.

How does the Grand Frais loyalty card work?

The operation of a Grand Frais loyalty card is now well known. At each checkout, the cardholder must present the card in order to have the points corresponding to the purchase credited to his or her account.

The only downside is that Grand Frais has decided not to offer a loyalty card and to replace these benefits with an online account on its website.

Grand Frais promotions

If the Grand Frais loyalty card does not allow you to benefit from a kitty or discounts, you can get the same thing by creating an account on the site in 3 steps:

1. Create a Grand Frais account

Simply fill in your details and activate your link by email:

creation of a large account
creation of a large account

2. Find Grand Frais promotions online

Once your account is created, you can access directly to the specific promotions of the store closest to you.

To do this, click on this banner:

big-ticket promotions
big-ticket promotions

2. Find Grand Frais promotions online

Would you like to be alerted to Grand Frais promotions rather than visit their website? You're right, it's much easier. To do this, enter your email here, you will then be informed of each new offer available:

Receive fresh promotions
Receive fresh promotions

No need to have a Grand Frais loyalty card, your account will allow you to obtain the following advantages, to be used at the checkout:

  • Conversion to coupons Once a certain threshold is reached, the points are converted into coupons valid on in-store purchases.
  • Exchange for gifts It is possible to exchange your points for gifts available in a dedicated catalog.
  • Participation in contests Some contests reserved for loyalty card holders require the use of points to participate.

In addition to the points system, the Grand Frais loyalty card offers several other benefits:

Exclusive offers

Grand Frais loyalty card holders, or rather Grand Frais customer account holders, regularly benefit fromexclusive special offers. These offers can be product discounts, in-store animations or private events. These offers are communicated by e-mail or via the online customer account.

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