The negative effects of your smartphone and how to protect yourself from them

The smartphone is becoming increasingly popular and is an indispensable tool for social life and for carrying out multiple tasks. This multifunctional device has even become a real drug for many of its users and makes their life easier as much as it does not alter it. Indeed, the harmful effects of our dear smartphone are revealed every day and are constantly multiplying. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from them. But first, let's get to know each other negative effects of the smartphone on our health and our daily life.

1. Strong addiction and withdrawal symptoms

The smartphone appears to be a highly addictive instrument. And not only on a psychological level.
According to experts, just as with drug use, our brains produce dopamine and serotonin ("happy hormones") every time we receive a notification on our phone.
The addiction is therefore physiological. Thus, the abrupt withdrawal of this tool to the most dependent users can cause withdrawal symptoms. A real pathology has even appeared: "nomophobia", which consists of the fear of not having your smartphone nearby.

2. From stress to depression

Stress, anxiety and depression are all consequences of our "hyperinteraction" with others. Being constantly connected induces at best a feeling of anxiety the reaction time of our contacts and at worst, a real depression due to the absence of "social and professional rest". It is therefore essential to take breaks and leave your smartphone aside in order to refocus yourself and find a positive mood.

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3. Negative effects on your social relationships

Everyone's social life can, in the long run, be altered by untimely smartphone use. In addition to the rudeness of being constantly leaning on one's smartphone, the quality of social relationships is affected.
Researchers at the University of Essex have shown that the interlocutors and entourage of people "addicted" to their smartphone feel less listened to, less trusted and attribute a lower quality to the relationship itself.

4. Concentration problems

Whether you are addicted or not, concentration problems are recurrent among people who own a smartphone. It's hard to concentrate at work with that device nearby. But there's more: being distracted by your phone while driving or even walking down the street is the cause of many accidents.

5. Physical pain

We naturally adopt poor posture when we use our phone. However, not holding on properly for a long time can cause noticeable physical pain. Thus, we see an increase in the number of people suffering from back and neck pain.
The continuous writing of messages also causes a physical ailment called "text claw". It is none other than inflammation of the tendons of the hand and wrist.

6. Sleep disturbance

63% of smartphone users aged 18 to 29 would take their cell phone to bed! But typing messages at night prevents from sleeping... But beyond that, it has been shown that the LED light of the smartphone screen disturbs the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for the feeling of falling asleep.

7. Impaired vision and hearing

Staring at your cell phone screen for long periods of time can be damaging to your eyesight. Tired eyes, blurred vision and headaches are all alerts that should not be ignored. The eye's retina itself can be damaged by direct exposure to light from your screen.
Hearing loss is also seen in smartphone users who listen to (loud) music through headphones.

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8. Radiation risks

It is known that smartphones produce radiation. However, researchers consider, for the moment, that their harmful effects are only probable. At present, according to the World Health Organization, these radiations would be "potentially carcinogenic".
These same waves would be responsible for infertility in men by the decrease in the number of spermatozoa. This phenomenon would be accentuated by the transport of the cell phone in the pockets of these gentlemen.

9. Bacteria and infections

Carried everywhere, including at the table and in the bathroom (for some), your smartphone is a veritable nest of germs ! Worn regularly on the face, this phone is often a source of infection. No serious disease in sight, but germs and even fecal particles are regularly found there...

Some tips to protect yourself from the negative effects of the smartphone

Moderate your use

There is no secret, to limit the bad sides of the smartphone, you must first of all lift your foot! One day a week without a phone is a good way to reduce your addiction.
Do not use it during your trips (on foot, in the car), will reduce the risk of accidents and not taking it to bed will solve your insomnia problems. Finally, if you want to improve your social relations, leave the phone in public or when you are sitting at a table.

Be sure to limit radiation

To do this, limit their use and do not carry it in your pockets. Boxer shorts "wave attenuators" are even marketed.

Clean your smartphone well

With repeated contact with your face, it is essential to keep a clean phone. Avoid touching it when you eat or take it with you to the bathroom. Finally, handle it with clean hands (whenever possible).

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