Renting a room from one person to another: How does it work?

Renting a room through a private individual is becoming more and more popular. Whether it's for a family event (family parties, receptions) or a professional event, renting a large room through a private individual is an advantageous option. But how is the reservation request made? Do I have to give a deposit check?

Renting a room between individuals: A real bargain for you

Rent a meeting room or a multi-purpose room for your family eventsThe venue is an excellent option. But the reservation of the room will be done according to its needs and the place. Therefore, renting a reception hall or renting a meeting room is favorable for both parties. 

Rooms available for rent in Lyon

Generally, by renting a large or small room, the individual can find a neighbor to host his parties and meetings: 

  • Honorary wine ;
  • Meeting;
  • Afterwork;
  • Wedding...

This lease contract allows you to enjoy a more convivial and different setting than a traditional party room. The rental of the room on demand is made with the aim of meeting in order to have a good time or to benefit from an adapted work space!

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What is interesting is that you can book a original roomclassic or atypical:

  • A cosy and chic apartment that can welcome your guests for an afterwork or a festive event;
  • A villa for family celebrations;
  • A castle like the castle of Saint Priest for example for a birthday or a wedding. Go to châ for more information.

Why choose a room in a private home

A room rented from a private individual brings much more privacy to make sure the festivities go smoothly. The need for space will depend on the people present! In addition, the rental rates are flexible (day package, weekend ...).

Thanks to the room made available to individuals, the lessor can have a additional income. This will allow him/her to meet his/her daily expenses and make connections. The better the offer, the more notifications the host will receive. And thanks to its capacity of reception, the profitability is only multiplied by ten. 

The steps to take for a room rental in Lyon

In order to enjoy a party room, some steps are to be carried out. However, it is important to define your needs before you apply for a rental: 

  • Conference;
  • Meeting;
  • Coworking ;
  • Business meeting;
  • Buffets...

You can study the room sizeThe need for a dance floor or a green setting. 

Contacting multiple owners

In order to search for a host you must go on the web. There are several platforms today that gather offers that can meet your expectations. But beforehand, you must define your research by putting forward the place and the space that you need. Also, it is important to know if the rental will be with or without furniture (chairs and seats, sofas, tables ...).

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In general, for room rental, the daily rate is displayed with the following items:

  • The presence of a sound system;
  • Rules of Procedure;
  • The presence of an equipped kitchen;

This information will definitely help you save time.

In addition, some individuals do not hesitate to offer other important accessories such as the rental of video projectorThe whiteboard or paper-board for meetings or the catering service, for a meeting that spreads out.

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