Using an Adhesive Mosquito Net

While it is true that you can sleep under a mosquito net to protect yourself, you are not safe from mosquito bites when you are out of bed. Being bitten by mosquitoes while watching the news on TV or being bitten while cooking is very annoying. The solution? Use a Adhesive Mosquito Net.

Why use an Adhesive Mosquito Net?

The use of a Adhesive Mosquito Net is totally beneficial. Thanks to this solution against the multiple inconveniences caused by these insects, we can avoid using anti-mosquito lotions when we are out of bed, therefore out of the classic mosquito net. Some of these lotions are not always safe for the skin in the long term.

We don't always want to do the evening reading in bed. Staying by the balcony window and enjoying the fresh air without the diktat of mosquitoes is only possible thanks to the Adhesive Mosquito Net. It is with this device that we can say no to insecticides that are an ecological threat. To provide so much comfort, how does the Adhesive Mosquito Net ?

How the Adhesive Mosquito Net works

The principle is simple: to constitute a barrier to mosquitoes and any other annoying insect while greatly favoring a good ventilation of the living environment. The mesh of the net is indeed ultra fine. The system is designed so that you can get in and out easily while preventing the nasty biters from getting inside.

Indeed, thanks to an automatic closing system, the Adhesive Mosquito Net blocks mosquitoes and other insects from roaming. The magnetic strips and blocks are arranged in a combination so that the net closes spontaneously without fear of wind pressure. Children can move around easily.

In order for the Adhesive Mosquito Net It is made of polyester, although there are models of nets made of glazed silk. The device is also made to bring elegance to the general decor of the house and its practicality makes it even more pleasant to use.

The Adhesive Mosquito Net is really easy to install and remove. This true insect shield has such fine mesh that a bug smaller than a fly would not be able to get in, let alone :

  • mosquitoes;
  • BEES;
  • flies;
  • wasps, etc.

Only fresh air is invited in to cool the house. Moreover, the white mesh is so transparent that it is almost invisible.

Installation of the Adhesive Mosquito Net

Yet another aspect that makes the Adhesive Mosquito Net an easy-to-adopt device: its ease of installation. It can be installed on windows and doors of any size and type to protect the house. The ultra-adhesive strips provided are fully compatible with bedroom doors, balcony doors, sliding doors, etc.

What tools do I need for successful assembly and installation? The installation of the Adhesive Mosquito Net requires no special tools. The adhesive on the back attaches directly to the door frame without damaging anything. For all intents and purposes, a dozen thumbtacks are also included.

Here's how to install impeccably and step by step the Adhesive Mosquito Net :

  • The first step is to properly clean the door frame. Why? Dust can interfere with the proper functioning of the adhesive. Therefore, use a damp cloth or towel to thoroughly wipe the door or window frame. It is important that it dries completely before applying the adhesive.
  • It's time to put the Adhesive Mosquito Net lying on the floor. What's next? The hooked surface of the band should be joined to the rough side of the net; the top and sides are the only places where this is done.
  • Uncover the part of the adhesive corresponding to the top of the frame and stick the net.
  • Then uncover the parts of the adhesive that correspond to the 2 sides and stick them properly on the frame.

To complete the installation of the Adhesive Mosquito NetSimply slide your thumb firmly over the strip to press hard.

Use a Adhesive Mosquito NetAs we have seen, it's a win-win situation for the whole family. It is also to participate in promoting the best ecological gestures that to make use of it.

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