What is a food processor?

To be able to show your full potential in the kitchen, it is essential to have all the equipment and tools needed to make all the recipes. This goes from the simple knives to the oven, through the vegetable cutter. These last elements are essential. Not only will it allow you to avoid wasting time cutting vegetables with a knife. But, it is also much more precise in the way it cuts. In this article, you can find out what a food processor is, its multiple types, as well as our recommendations for choosing it.

The vegetable cutting machine

What is the purpose of a food processorIt is a device used in the kitchen to cut the vegetablesIt is equipped with several blades that can be changed to the desired thickness. To do this, it is equipped with several blades, which you can change, to have the thickness you want. As well asa cavity which allows to receive the cut vegetables. It is supplied with different accessories that allow to :

  • Chop
  • Grind
  • Slice
  • Grate
  • Chop

It is important to know that the shape of a food processor is quite diverse. Indeed, it is possible that it is a spiralizer, a multifunctional robot or a simple box with blades.

Types of food processor

As you will have understood, the vegetable slicer is a very useful accessory in the preparation of your dishes. It is available in two types. The first one is the manual type which is a vegetable cutting robot with a crank handle and blades. The pressure on the crank allows the vegetables to flow through the holes into the space where the blades are located. And, finally, cut.

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The second is the electrical type which can be presented in different forms. However, they have a relatively higher weight than the previous type. But they are also equipped with blades, but in disc. Each of them allows a different shape and thickness of cut. But, the advantage for which it is appreciated is mainly due to its ease of use. Indeed, no manual work is required. All you have to do is press a button or close the lid. Moreover, it is particularly faster than the manual model.

Choosing a food processor

In order to enjoy the benefits of using a food processor, it is important to select the model with care. In view of this, for the manual model, the selection criteria to take into account are :

The cuts get

When we cook, some shapes are very present and solicited. This is the case for fries, compotes, dices, slices or thin slices. Faced with this, depending on your habits, you will have to choose the manual vegetable cutters that will allow you to obtain them. Therefore, it is preferable to turn to the vegetable cutters that are at least provided with a blade of :

  • From
  • French fries
  • Thin slices

As well asa grater. But for more functionality, look for those equipped with washer bladeswaffles and spirals.

The quantity to be cut

For this criterion, you will have to take into account the quantity of vegetables you need for each meal. Indeed, when the members of a family are quite numerous or that the food processor will be used by a professional, it is preferable to opt for a model that allows an important cutting quantity in a short time.

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However, to avoid tiring your hands, the electric model will be more suitable for these situations. But, for small families, a manual food processor will be sufficient. But, you will still have to make sure that the blades are sharp and durable.

In addition, in the case of an electric food processor, the above criteria must be taken into account. But, you will also have to choose the engine power. Indeed, it is thanks to the latter that you can have a precise cut. For its evaluation, favor the robots that allow the most turns in a single minute. It is also an indicator of its ability to obtain a homogeneous result.

After that, we will have to look at the material with which the blades are made. For such a long-lasting positive effect, it is recommended to opt for stainless steel.

Then, judge the tank which allows to collect the cut vegetables. The latter must correspond to the quantity of vegetables cut daily. It is important to know that they are generally available with a capacity of 3 to 7 liters.

Finally, the last element to consider will be its ergonomics.

Models of vegetable cutter

In order to help you in your purchase of a food processor, here are some models that will delight you with their performance. There is the manual vegetable cutter of the brand Twinzee which has four blades. And, it weighs 1.5 kg. And, for the electric vegetable cutter, we recommend the model Weinas.

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