Water leakage and home insurance: what to do?

A water leak in a bathtub is easy to detect with the naked eye and can be easily repaired. However, a water leak in a pipe poses big problems, especially if it is located in a building. If you do not have a comprehensive home insurance policy, you will not be compensated for the plumber's intervention or for the costs of the water leakage.

How does the water damage guarantee work?

First of all, it is important to know that water damage insurance covers damage caused by a water leak. In order to receive compensation in the event of a claim, you must identify the origin of the leak so that it can be repaired quickly. However, it is important to know that your "water damage" guarantee can cover the repair costs and the damage caused by the water flow, but it does not cover the costs related to the search for water leakage Essonne.

Depending on the origin of the water damage (in a buried or embedded pipe, in your neighbor's house, on a water inlet pipe ...), a leak search can be expensive and complicated. 

If you live in a single-family home, you will need to call a leak detection expert to find the source of the problem. However, if you live in an apartment building, the condominium manager must contact a company that specializes in finding water leaks.

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Is there a water leakage warranty?

Some insurance companies offer their customers a "water leakage search" guarantee which covers all the costs and steps taken to find the origin of the water damage.

Please note that the "water leakage search" warranty cannot be activated if the professional's intervention is limited to the observation of the origin of the water flow (such as a seal defect, a pipe rupture, etc.).

However, your insurance will intervene when it is necessary, for example, to demolish a wall or simply to dig a part of the partition to locate the precise source of the water leak. However, if after the research, it turns out that the water leakage comes from a movement of the ground or a lack of maintenance, in this case, the insurance will not intervene either!

Before subscribing to the "water leakage" guarantee, check the amount of the franchiseThe terms and conditions of this guarantee are as follows: - the amount of the guarantee, the indemnity ceilings, and the conditions of implementation of this guarantee.

What is the water consumption guarantee?

A water leak that is discovered several weeks after it has occurred can result in significant water waste, dramatic damage and a significant increase in your water bill.

In some cities, the price per m3 of water is relatively high. If you have just received an alert from your supplier about an increase in your water consumption, you should be concerned about this. An invisible water leak in your floor or wall can lead to overconsumption.

Fortunately, some home insurance companies offer full reimbursement for excess water consumption through a "water overage" guarantee that can be included in the water leakage guarantee or available as an option.

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Water damage: How to get compensation?

As soon as you notice water damage, you must report the loss to your home insurance company within five working days. You can inform them by phone or send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

When the insurer receives your declaration, it will ask for additional proof: invoices, photos or any other document that can attest to the value of your damaged goods. If they deem it necessary, your insurance appoints an expert to examine and evaluate the damage on the premises. You can also be assisted by your own expert, but his fees are not covered by your insurance contract.

 After examining your file, your insurer will send you a proposal for the amount of compensation by mail: the amount is calculated based on your invoices and documents submitted and on the report written by the expert.

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