Water leak detector: prevent water damage in the house

Leaks can cause water damage, especially if your home has parquet floorEspecially if they are not treated in time. Indeed, the water flow can quickly invade your house and cause a flood. Moreover, the number of water damages declared to the insurance companies is constantly increasing. In order to prevent water damage in your house, you can install a leak detector intelligent and connected to warn you via an application, on the leaks occurring in your home. Read on to discover the advantages of this device.

Is a leak detector useful?

No one wants to be faced with water damage that invades their home! In order to avoid this inconvenience, it is now possible to prevent water leaks thanks to smart detectors: they identify all water leaks, even the smallest ones, and warn the occupant of a dwelling through a notification on his smartphone. Thanks to these devices, it will be possible to considerably reduce the risk of water damage related to a pipe rupture in residences or poor maintenance of equipment. 

But it is possible to better anticipate water leaks by reacting quickly as soon as the first symptoms are detected by establishing a non-destructive leak search. Moreover, a plumbing installation in conformity with the regulations, a good use of the apparatuses and a regular maintenance of the equipment, make it possible to limit the risks of possible water damage.

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How does a leak detector work?

A water leak detector can be installed in kitchens and toilets, or on sanitary appliances connected to your plumbing system (water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.), boiler...).

 When the water spreads on the floor, the detector alerts the main module which immediately commands the closing of the electric valve installed on the pipe that distributes the water to your house. Some smart detectors alert you directly through your phone about the time and location of the detected leak. 

So everything is now under control! In addition, the electric valve is equipped with a battery so that the system can be operated in the event of a power failure. The quicker the leak is sealed, the less water damage and health risks there will be. When the danger is eliminated, the valve can be operated manually.

The advantages of a water leak detector

Most water leaks occur in the kitchen, so it is wise to place your detector in places at risk such as under the sink, under the dishwasher, near water connections and water heaters ... it is also possible to place it in the cellar, laundry room or near the electrical panel to be able to detect the slightest water seepage and avoid possible damage that could result. When the sensor detects the flow of water, the leak detector sends an alert to your smartphone.

Some technologies can detect water leaks by referring to your water consumption habits. This device looks for differences day after day and in case of a potential leak detected, the detector warns you by e-mail and SMS. 

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Double detection and protection against water leaks

You can also install a low-temperature detector on your system to monitor a specific area (a pipe that is likely to freeze, for example). If there is a risk of freezing, the sensor will shut off the water. This will protect you against possible water leaks.

A detector is very useful in second homes

A leak detector is also useful in a second home as it allows you to check for any damage while you are away. If you have another house that you occupy more rarely or that remains empty for several weeks, it is advisable to install a connected detector in your home.

To install a detection system, you can either do the work yourself or leave it to a professional in intercommunication. However, it is recommended that you hire a plumber to install the electrical valve. Whatever the nature of the work, always ask for a quote to estimate your professional's fees.

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