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You own a content website or want to create a site Internet in the Tarn-and-Garonne and want to make it more visible on search engines? Our agency Web e-commerce and webmarketing in the Tarn-et-Garonne will position your site on the first page of Google. From its creation to natural referencing, Egoprod is committed to making your site more visible, but also more popular.

Entrust us with the design of your site

Equipped with a team specialized in the realization of Internet site, our agency does not neglect any of your requests in the installation of your new Web project. In addition to accompanying you throughout the realization of your site, from the writing of the specifications to the design and writing, Egoprod develops your site with well-known CMS technologies.

Aware of the importance of mobile searches, our team will create a site for you Responsive Design. Your content adapts perfectly and automatically to MACs, mobiles, PCs and tablets. With Egoprod, you will save days costly SEO and technical corrections. Your website Web will be immediately present on the tablets and mobiles. 

We will carry out all the modifications that you wish to make to your site. Advanced developments, such as gateways between your online sales site and your ERP, are made available to you. You can also access custom web applications. We also develop an Android or iPhone application for your site to help you capture the attention of your audience.

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Your communication strategy in good hands

The creation and presence of your project on Internet are not enough to gain popularity and visibility. A strategy from communication SEO must also be adopted in order to gain new prospects. We help you to develop your new strategy after a thorough analysis of your competitors' market behavior, your targets and your products.

A good press relation will also contribute to the development of your project. You will be on the first page of search engines thanks to the intervention of digital influencers collaborating with us. Journalists and bloggers specialized in different fields (travel, fashion, decoration, etc.) will not fail to test and promote your new products. 

Our press relations experts will relay your press releases as quickly as possible. A advertisement which, in addition to making you quickly known on the networks socialwill boost the referencing of your site Internet.

An impeccable natural referencing

 The referencing naturalThis is a crucial step for the future of your project. This one passes by various stages, of the development of the strategic keywords to the exchanges of links while passing by publicity without forgetting the development of your customers' loyalty.

By entrusting us with the implementation of your referencing strategy, we commit ourselves to provide you with powerful links, but also content SEO and relevant. Keeping your readers loyal is one of our priorities. We provide them with targeted information including in-depth articles and news. The loyalty of your customers will also be done through the management of marketplaces and the organization of promotions, private sales or contests.

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In order to position your site on the first page of ads on the giant Google, our agency webmarketing in the Tarn-et-Garonne creates a Google Adwords campaign for you. An essential step if you want to remain visible in the long term. Certified " Google Adwords Partners ", Egoprod agency takes care of the relationship with Adwords. 

By trusting our SEO experts, you entrust your project to a team of winners!

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