What are the advantages of SUVs?

SUVs are on the rise and are attracting more and more people. With their aesthetics, comfort and power, SUVs have seen their sales take off in a few years. So what is the reason for such a craze for this particularly fashionable segment? What are the real advantages of SUVs?

What is an SUV?

Before we look at the advantages of SUVs, let's first try to learn more about these vehicles, also called Sport Utility Vehicles. It is a generally elevated car with a particularly generous interior volume and 2 or 4 wheel drive. Although it takes the form of a 4X4 (without being one), the SUV is distinguished by its bodywork, inspired by station wagons, with two bodies. 

The Jeep Wagoneer, which dates back to 1963, is among the first SUVs recognized as such. It was born in the United States and was derived mainly from pick-ups. From then on, the success of the body style soared, especially in Europe with the arrival of the Mercedes M-Class and BMW X5. The end of the 90's marked the beginning of the modern SUV trend.

What are the characteristics of SUVs?

The characteristics of SUVs are certainly among their many advantages. This leisure vehicle can both adopt a sporty look while possessing the characteristics of a 4X4. This type of vehicle is a cross between a minivan and an off-road vehicle. A SUV car offers you a perfect union between all terrain and comfort. 

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We also know that SUVs are distinguished by their hatchback shape. It is a body with 2 distinct volumes. 

SUVs are also overshadowing minivans. They have all the advantages of a traditional sedan. It offers a lot of space and can accommodate up to 7 passengers thanks to the folding seats located in the trunk floor. It therefore seems to be a great advantage for the large families

What are the advantages of SUVs?

While large families feel comfortable in an SUV, it also offers real advantages to backpackers. Capable of making long journeys, SUV cars have a cabin that allows you to carry other road trip fans and all their luggage. 

In addition to allowing you to zip around, this type of vehicle allows you to tackle the toughest roads. SUVs, usually five-door vehicles, actually have a high enough ground clearance to help you avoid back pain and other obstacles on the road.

An SUV car has a high ride and gives a sense of safety and protection (especially for women), both in urban and rural areas. In the city, the SUV (usually the compact models) allows you to stand out. Easily recognizable, with its body color, the SUV car can be customized. 

The defects of SUVs?

The biggest problem of the SUV is its size and its weight, certainly it is practical for the long trips but to circulate in the big cities, it is a real problem especially to find a place of parking, then there is also the noise, it is a very noisy vehicle because of the big engine because most of the SUV are equipped with big V6, V8 and V10 and which says big engine says also big fuel consumer, it consumes not less than 10 L/100. But nowadays, there are hybrid versions on the market that are less fuel consuming but very expensive to maintain. The smallest part costs hundreds of euros, not like for the small MPVs of the Berlingo type with a low right hand body.

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