What are the most common electrical failures?

Electrical failures have different causes. They differ mainly according to the precise location of the failure. It is possible that the electrical problem is generalized or partial. The malfunctions in the electrical network can also affect specific equipment and even electrical appliances. Depending on the nature of the electrical problem, the repairmen carry out various interventions to bring the installations up to standard. Focus on the most frequent electrical problems in private homes.

Circuit breaker and fuse problems

Among the services that require the intervention of an electrical repair company in Brussels, there will be especially the problems of circuit breakers and fuses. It is to know that these devices are triggered when an anomaly occurs in the electrical network. They cut off especially when there is a strong variation in rise or fall of the voltage circulating within the installation. Thus, it is mandatory to intervene punctually in these devices, but also in the rest of the connected installations.

Simply resetting the circuit breakers will restore power. However, the electrical problem may recur if the anomalies are not fully resolved. Therefore, the electrician will perform complete checks of the appliances and wires that are connected to the circuit breaker. Sometimes there may not be enough voltage to the equipment connected. It is also possible that the wires are stripped and cause a short circuit. In the case of a fuse, it is necessary to replace it to restore power.

Luminaire failures

Lighting failures are also very common in homes. They will also have various origins depending on the case. Most often, the lights have their own defects, that is to say, they burn themselves. These phenomena occur visibly by the age of the lights. However, it is also possible that the equipment is not certified and does not meet the required quality standards.

Luminaires that frequently explode are not, however, related to quality defects. In these cases, they are subjected to too high or too low a voltage, which leads to their malfunction. The electricians can no longer intervene punctually on a light point as a result. They will look for the source causes in the wire installations. Furthermore, they will check if the maximum number of light points on the branch is not exceeded.

Hardware failures: plugs and wires

Outlet and wire failures are the most dangerous parts of an electrical system. Indeed, these are the devices that are most in contact with the occupants. The risks of electrocution are thus very high. Moreover, it is from the sockets and wires that fires start.

Any problems with plugs and wires should be handled by a professional electrician. Electrical troubleshooters will often make replacements. However, they will always redirect themselves to the source of the malfunction. In fact, no matter what new equipment is installed, it will fail again if the problem is not permanently resolved.

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