What is the budget for converting a Volkswagen van into a motor home?

Do you dream of taking a road trip in a Volkswagen van? Well, you're looking at a reliable and powerful vehicle. The Volkswagen van is, in fact, a kind of off-road vehicle that allows you to go off the beaten track. This vehicle helps you realize your dreams for an unforgettable adventure.  It knows how to take miles without letting you down and it can guarantee comfort and safety. And in fact, the VW is the mythical van that is so much in demand, which can lead to unreasonable prices. But the question you have to ask yourself is: what is the budget to convert a Volkswagen van into a motorhome?

The budget for fitting out a Volkswagen van yourself

If you wish to do travel If you want to travel with your family or friends in a motorhome, choose a Volkswagen van. If you decide to do it yourself, you will only need a small budget. And that's because you won't have to pay for the services of a professional. Apart from that, you can adjust your expenses to your budget by leaving out superfluous equipment and accessories and investing only in those that are really necessary. Some vanlifers have announced that they got away with less than 1,000 euros. So, that's the minimum amount you need to budget.

The budget to invest in fitting out kits

If you choose to buy a kit, you can spend up to 2,000 euros. However, rest assured, because in fact, allmotorhome furnishing do not have the same elements, that is why they do not have the same prices. For example, you can find a ready-to-assemble kit that includes kitchen, living room and sleeping equipment at the same time; just as you can find a ready-to-assemble kit consisting only of a kitchen unit and a sofa bed.

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The budget for a converted Volkswagen van

You can also invest directly in a Volkswagen van that has already been fitted out. For example, the T6 version already has five seats, five beds, a bench that converts into a bed and pivoting front seats. This combi is distinguished by its removable kitchen and folding table, and it also offers an additional camping table and folding chairs stored in the trunk. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a shower or storage, and its kitchen unit prevents the driver's seat from turning 180 degrees. To get one, you'll need a new budget of 50,000 to 60,000 euros. Of course, there are also other less expensive T6s available, such as the converted T6 with 4 seats and 4 beds. This one has as main assets: a compact size, a great quality of manufacture, a driving comfort and the ergonomics and the optimization of the interior fittings. And it requires only a small investment since you can have it for only 35,000 euros.

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