What is the importance of responsive design for your website

Since the advent of smartphones and tablets, the majority of people use them to connect. It is possible that some of your customers are among these people. Faced with this, it is important to have a website that displays correctly regardless of the size of the screen. This is a responsive design website. Thanks to this, it automatically adapts to any type of support that your customers use to consult it. But what are the advantages of such a website?

Get the best ranking in search engines

The criteria for ranking sites by search engines change regularly. It is essential to follow this change to optimize the visibility of your website. Only the team of an expert web agency like Bew Web Agency is able to keep up with this change. For this year 2021 for example, responsive design is one of the SEO trends.

For this reason, search engines penalize sites with duplicate content. This is what happens with a web version and a mobile version. But with responsive design, you only need one version to adapt perfectly to any type of screen.

With such a site, your page loads quickly on mobile. This reduces the bounce rate, which is an important consideration for the natural referencing. Having such a site shows that it follows the trend. This will serve as a reference for search engines to index and position your website.

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Ensure a better user experience

It is important to adopt the responsive theme, because it provides a better user experience. Indeed, the user does not need to zoom on the screen of his mobile to read the content of your site. It automatically adapts to the size of the screen used by the user. It is also the same for the navigation between your pages and the readability of your content.

Such an experience puts all the chances on your side to satisfy the visitors. Thanks to this, they don't hesitate to come back and can take action. Once they are satisfied with your service, they are more likely to turn into prospects and then into loyal customers. This is an opportunity for you to stand out from your competitors.

Save time and money with responsive design

Designing a website is a time-consuming and expensive job. By creating a responsive site, you take less time than creating two versions. Plus, it's half the price.

By having an adaptive site, you only have one site to manage and update. It also makes the work of managing the site and its maintenance easier. In addition, the team in charge of it will be reduced. Thus, you can invest the time and money you have saved elsewhere. This way, you also have time to focus on other important business tasks.

In this case, do not neglect the responsive design, because it has a great importance for the success of your digital strategy.

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