What is survivalism?

Natural disasters and crises can happen suddenly. People would then be left to fend for themselves and fight for their survival. Somewhere in the United States, a movement was born several decades ago and aims to prepare the common man for survival and defense in case of crisis. Discover in this article the survivalisman original concept.

The concept of survivalism

Born in the United States in the 1900s, survivalism is a movement focused on autonomy, independence and survival. Indeed, the term refers to actions taken by a group of people to prepare for possible disasters, economic or health crises. Survivalists take it very seriously; they learn self-defense techniques, build fallout shelters, learn how to heal themselves, how to hunt, and how to live in a wild and even hostile environment.

Different levels of survivalism?

Living in a quiet city in peace and quiet is completely different from living as a survivalist. The survivalist lifestyle is not a relaxing one. Survivalists must build fallout shelters, stay on guard, learn various defense techniques, learn how to heal themselves, learn how to hunt, and live in a wild and even hostile environment. That said, there are different levels of survivalism.

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1st level of survivalism

The first level of survivalism is the basic level. At this stage, the survivalist undergoes basic training. He or she will learn how to get out of simple situations with a medium level of risk. A Level 1 Survivalist is trained to, among other things:

  • Managing a sudden power outage
  • Store food and prepare a survival kit
  • How to behave in the event of a nuclear attack or the outbreak of war

2nd level of survivalism

At the second level, it is no longer a question of knowing how to handle simple situations. Indeed, the training will become more difficult for the survivalist. He will be trained to be totally autonomous. He will learn to create what he needs from the elements available in his environment. Among other things, the second level survivalist is taught to :

  • To better defend yourself
  • Making a fire by yourself in a humid forest
  • Find a drink and survive in a desert

The second level is sort of the expert level of survivalism. Level 2 survivalism is ready and able to cope in times of crisis, disaster.

Some prejudices about survivalism

Like some concepts before it, survivalism suffers from some prejudices. These are preconceived opinions that non-survivalists have formed over time, but which are not necessarily true.

Preppers are lone wolves

As opposed to the concessions of others, survivalists are not people who isolate themselvesThe concept is based on a strong solidarity, a spirit of mutual aid aimed at the development and survival of the community. Indeed, the concept is sitting a strong solidarity, a spirit of mutual aid aimed at development and common survival.

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A survivalist is able to survive alone in a hostile environment; however, in a crisis, solidarity and mutual protection are the ideals for survival.

Preppers are crazy about guns

Another prejudice that people immediately associate with survivalists is that of weapons fanatics. Indeed, if there is one thing that justifies the use of weapons by the survivalist movement, it is protection. Survivalists do not possess weapons for the purpose of terrorism, but only to protect their communities from attack by wild animals or assailants if necessary.

How does one become a survivalist?

As you can imagine, becoming a survivalistIt requires a minimum of preparation. However, experience, knowledge and patience are necessary to become a survivalist.

Take a survivalist course

First and foremost, training in survivalist lifestyle is necessary to start your journey within the movement. To this end, there are a multitude of videos YouTube and resources on the net that will allow you not only to learn more about the subject, but also to acquire the basics of survivalism.

Join a survivalist community

Ideal for anyone aspiring survivor is to join a community. In a survivalist community, you will share the experience of other members and learn in a family atmosphere. It is the right setting to get a good education and to learn more about it.

Interested in the concept of survivalism? Join the community nearest you and get ready.

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