What is the best home coffee maker?

Coffee is the third most consumed beverage in the world. As an integral part of many people's breakfast, its preparation requires a process to incorporate the flavors and aromas of the grind into the beverage. To avoid having to do everything manually, the use of a coffee machine is really recommended to facilitate the process. With the combination coffee makerYou can choose between light and strong coffees, and of course, according to your preferences. So, what is the best model on the market?

Comparison of the best combination coffee makers

The Delonghi BCO260CD.1 coffee machine

Whether you want to make espressos or simple coffees, trust the Delonghi BCO260CD.1 espresso machine. The preparation time does not exceed 04 minutes, and it perfectly meets the expectations of users. We appreciate its priming system, a feature that greatly facilitates its handling. The tank has a capacity of 1.2 liters, and the graduated glass jug can fill 10 cups of coffee in one go. This is really beneficial for small families. The operating power is 1750 Watts, and the pressure is 15 bars.

All of its strengths allow the Delonghi BCO260CD.1 combination coffee maker to be classified as one of the most powerful coffee machines on the market. Turning it on is within everyone's reach, as all you have to do is use its on/off button to do so. Being multi-tasking, the manufacturers have integrated a wheel for the choice of the drink. On the program, you can either use pods or ground coffee. The "Crema" filter is used to make creamy and smooth cappuccinos.

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Bosch Ufesa CK7355 Combination Coffee Maker

In the category of the best value for money, we find Bosch Ufesa CK7355 espresso machine. Sold at a fair price, it has nothing to envy to its counterparts, mainly when you contemplate its orange and black look, a look that undoubtedly brings a colorful touch to the worktop where it is arranged. Operating under 1800 Watts of power, this coffee maker is perfect for users who want to prepare a good hot energizing drink. On the side of its technical data sheet, we notice a turbo-rotating steam system that serves to heat liquids like milk, cappuccino, without forgetting to put the layer of delicious and smooth foam on it.

The capacity of the tank is 1.5 liters, an equivalent of a dozen cups of coffee. The tank here is rather a transparent carafe, on which we find graduations. There is also a cup with a lid on the front of the device. The control panel has rotating buttons and is located on the upper part of the machine. As other specificities, we have the presence of a non adhesive heating plate, and an oriental vaporizer.

Kalorik EXP 1001 C coffee maker

Here is another 02 in 01 coffee machine that has dazzled consumers with its performance, quality and originality. Kalorik EXP 1001 C is characterized primarily by its power of 1800 Watts. The pressure is 3.5 bars, which is well below the average. However, many experts agree that this is the best value for the preparation of a good strong coffee and especially for a short time. The user can adjust the intensity of his drink, according to his desires and preferences, by simply using the aroma selector on the device.

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This way, you will have the privilege of enjoying a tasty and richly flavored cup of coffee every time you use it. In addition to these advantages, the Kalorik EXP 1001 C has a variable intensity steam nozzle, which provides the user with a delicious, creamy coffee at the density desired by the user. This model comes with a dosing spoon, two glass pourers and a pestle. If you want a great ally for the preparation of your various coffee drinks, Kalorik EXP 1001 C is the perfect choice for this job.

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