What is the difference between a paternity test and a parentage test?

It is important to know that the two tests are clearly different, because you will not have the same research. Of course, within a legal framework, you will have all the necessary information by approaching a professional or a French laboratory. If, on the other hand, you buy kits on the Internet, remember to get information to acquire the most suitable test for your situation. Moreover, the platforms offer a multitude of information, you clearly can not go wrong. We offer you some relevant and proven data.

Only one link sought with the paternity test

Let's imagine that you are a man looking for a child you haven't been able to see for years. You finally track him down and want to know if he is really yours. With his consent, you can buy a paternity test that identifies the link between a father and a child only. You have all the necessary accessories in the kit, it allows you to perform the various tasks very quickly and the price is less than 140 euros. It is important to note that the results are reliable to more than 99 % and you will even have two analyses for a single sample to be sure that the result will be the right one. This is sent by mail or via email.

The search is broader for a family relationship

With this test, you can get several answers, such as a relationship between a brother and a sister, an aunt, an uncle and a child, or grandparents and a child, and a mother and a child. For the father, however, a paternity test must be purchased exclusively. The reliability of the test is the same for all tests and it costs less than 200 euros.

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