What to do with your children during a heat wave?

You'll have to get used to it, heatwaves are bound to multiply during the next few summers. The thermometer climbs in a dazzling way, until reaching sometimes almost unequalled records. So parents, what to do with our children during these periods of intense heat, as unbearable for them as for us? In this article, you will find some nice ideas to adopt at home!

Focus on water games!

Of course, not everyone has the space to install an indoor pool for their children. Perhaps you could opt for a above ground pool ?. (However, if you have a large living room or a spacious garage, this is the number one idea to adopt. ) But, it seems certain (unless you live in a cave) that every home has at least one bathroom; and it's this living space that we're interested in here. Do you know the colored pencils for the shower and the bathtub?

These are pencils designed to make drawings directly on the tiles, the shower tray or the edges of the bathtub, and which are then easily erased with a simple sponge stroke. It's magic! You can also consider investing in these small mechanical fish, which move by themselves in the water. The kids can then have fun racing against each other or against the clock, or invent a water course for the little fish in your bathtub or sink. Hours of fun and laughter guaranteed!

If you have a large bathtub, the classic game of duck fishing is also a great alternative. And if you don't have the necessary materials ready to use, why not suggest that the children themselves make their own fishing rod. A piece of wood, a piece of string, and that's it! The main thing is to stay cool, with your feet in the water as much as possible, while waiting for the hot weather to pass...

Go back to basics!

The high heat marks a break in the dynamism of the household. This is normal, and it is even salutary. Gone are the long walks under a leaden blanket at 40°C, gone too are the turbulent games where we heckle and chase each other until we are wetter than a mop... It is necessary not to get too active so as not to make the temperature rise even more. So, why not go back to basic activities such as family board games, cooking, or drawing? This will guarantee great moments of calm, relaxation and sharing with your family.

Have you forgotten those moments of conviviality with your parents, brothers, sisters or even cousins, during those endless games of Monopoly, Cluedo or the mythical 7 families games? Salt dough, modeling clay, or making beaded bracelets are also great activities to consider!

Of course, we also recommend that you take advantage of this lull to insist that your children enjoy a few moments of reading, alone or with you. Great game books, such as the "seek and find" collections, are also an excellent alternative for younger children. Keep your toddlers far enough away from the tele and screens, which they love, for the rest of the day!

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