Why buy a vacuum cleaner for your home?

Buying a vacuum cleaner for the house is an excellent idea. It must be recognized that this accessory is very useful for the maintenance of the house.

They are easy to transport

In addition to their compact size and lightweight shell, they all have some sort of handle that's easy to grab onto when cleaning up a mess. The type of handle and quality of grip varies from model to model, but they are all easy to hold and carry home.

In addition, many vacuum cleaners handheld vacuums are cordless, which makes them even easier to carry. Since you don't have to worry about the cord getting tangled or caught on something when you carry your vacuum, we highly recommend a cordless vacuum when it comes to handheld vacuums. If you choose a model with a cord, make sure it's long enough so that you're not limited by your outlets.

Of course, a cordless handheld vacuum has its own pros and cons. Yes, they are easy to use and carry, but if you forget to charge the battery, you may not be able to finish the cleaning job without recharging.

Ideal for quick cleaning

When it comes to handheld vacuums, this is the main benefit I personally get from them. Sometimes you just need to do a spot clean or take care of a single mess in a small area. Instead of lugging around my canister vacuum, I let the little guy do the work for me.

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Whether you have a pile of pet hair on the couch to remove before guests arrive or your child has made a (different) mess while eating, a handheld vacuum does a fantastic job of cleaning up quickly and efficiently. Depending on the types of "quick messes" you need to clean up, look at different models and brands. Some handheld vacuums are designed specifically for pet hair, while others are designed for wet and dry dirt.

Can go anywhere

In addition to the previous advantage, handheld vacuums can go anywhere you want and still function as you want. This applies to both corded and cordless models. However, it is fair to note that a cordless vacuum cleaner offers you more possibilities, which is why we recommend that you opt for this type of device.

For example, a cordless model is ideal for outdoor use, such as cleaning your car or vacuuming dirt from anything that is about to enter your home. We've also seen people use cordless units in their sheds, attics, or crawl spaces. You can also take it with you to the beach, to quickly clean sand from your equipment, as well as the sand inside your car. Many people use them while camping for a wide variety of purposes. The uses for handheld vacuums are virtually endless, especially if you buy a cordless version.

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Can clean a lot of things that a larger vacuum couldn't

We have already mentioned the many advantages of handheld vacuum cleaners, but this one is, admittedly, a bit ambiguous and depends on the type of larger vacuum cleaner you have at the same time.

We've already explained that a handheld vacuum is great for quick cleanups, but this is especially true for surfaces that can be damaged by heavy vacuums, such as wood floors. Again, if you have a steam vacuum or a vacuum designed for wood floors, this advantage is probably irrelevant.

But if you have an old, heavy vacuum cleaner that can scratch or damage your wood floors, a handheld unit might be a better tool to use. Also, a handheld vacuum is more effective for cleaning around baseboards, in corners, under furniture and on stairs.

Again, to be fair, other types of vacuums can clean these same areas, but not as easily as a handheld. You'll have to buy extra attachments, figure out how they work, clean them, etc... Meanwhile, the handheld vacuum can do the exact same job with no extra effort.

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