Why choose wooden shutters for your home?

The swing shutters Wooden shutters are movable panels used to close windows. They are usually made from solid wood, although some models may be made of wood composite or plastic or metal fillers. They are often used in traditional homes or historic buildings to maintain their original character.

Choosing quality materials for shutters is still a primary consideration, which can affect their durability, weather resistance and ability to insulate the home. High-quality wood shutters are usually made from solid wood, such as cedar, oak or pine. This wood is known for its durability and weather resistance, making it an ideal choice for shutters. In addition, premium wood shutters are often treated with waterproofing products to protect them from moisture and insects.

The advantages of wooden shutters

A timeless aesthetic

Opting for wood shutters brings a natural, warm look and a touch of charm to any home.

Wood has that unique texture and natural color that can differ slightly from tree to tree, giving each shutter its own unique look. In addition, wood can be painted or stained in a wide range of colors to suit different architectural and aesthetic styles.

Wooden shutters can even be carved or decorated to create intricate and attractive patterns. In short, wood shutters offer a natural and warm aesthetic that can add personality and value to your home.

What about their durability?

Wooden shutters are generally durable and weather resistant. Because wood is a strong material, it can withstand bumps and damage from inclement weather.

In addition, wood has the ability to expand and contract without breaking or cracking, making it an ideal material for shutters. Some types of wood, like cedar, oak or pine, are even naturally resistant to insects and moisture, making them an even more durable (but more expensive) choice for shutters.

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To prolong the life of wooden shutters, it is important to maintain regularly. This can include simple tasks such as clean the shutters to remove dust and dirt, or paint them or stain them to refresh their appearance. In the event of weather or insect damage, it is also important to repair wooden shutters as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Taking care of your wood shutters can extend their life for decades.

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Wood is a porous material that can trap warm or cool air, which can help maintain a constant temperature in the home. It is also heavy and dense enough to absorb sound, which can help reduce outside noise.

So by using wood shutters, you can save money on your heating and cooling bills by maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, while reducing unwanted noise.

The different types of wooden shutters

Hinged shutters with vertical slats

Vertical slatted shutters are a type of shutter made of several vertical slats attached to a frame.

When the shutters are open, the slats fold against each other to let in light and air. When closed, the slats overlap to form a solid barrier against the weather.

Vertical slat shutters are generally easier to open and close than horizontal slat shutters because the slats are lighter and less bulky. They can be easily locked into place for added security.

Hinged shutters with horizontal slats

Horizontal slat shutters generally have a more traditional look than vertical slat shutters, and can be used to add charm and personality to a home. In addition, horizontal slat shutters can be easily locked into place for added security.

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They are generally heavier and bulkier than vertical slat shutters, which can make them a bit more difficult to open and close. However, their weight and bulk can also make them stronger and more weather resistant, making them an ideal choice for homes in windy or rainy climates.

Folding or concertina shutters

Folding or accordion shutters are a type of wooden shutter that is composed of several horizontal slats attached to each other by hinges.

When the shutters are open, the slats fold over each other to form an accordion-like fold, allowing them to be stored compactly against the wall of the house. When closed, the slats unfold to form a solid barrier against the weather.

Folding or accordion shutters are generally easier to open and close than shutters with horizontal or vertical slats, as they can be easily folded and unfolded by hand. In addition, folding or accordion shutters can be easily locked into place for added security.

How to maintain shutters?

  • Clean the shutters regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt that may accumulate on the wood.
  • Apply a waterproofing product to the shutters to protect them from moisture and insects. This can extend the life of wood shutters by protecting them from water and insect damage.
  • Paint or stain wood shutters to freshen their appearance and protect them from the sun's UV rays. This can help prevent fading and cracking caused by the weather.
  • Repair wood shutters as soon as you notice weather or insect damage. This can prevent damage from getting worse and can extend the life of wood shutters.
  • Store wooden shutters when not in use to protect them from weather and animal damage. This can also protect them from bumps and scratches when handled.

Video: making and installing a wooden shutter

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