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For an agricultural machine to function properly, the equipment that makes it up must be in excellent working order. When one of the parts deteriorates, the machine breaks down. Only after the defective equipment has been replaced will the machine be ready for use again. When buying agricultural spare parts, there are some important points to consider. Here are the questions to be answered before buying agricultural spare parts.

How to get agricultural spare parts?

Because of the strong economic constraints that they require, the purchase of agricultural spare parts is not to be taken lightly. It requires precautions proportional to their value.

Identify the information related to the machine

To find the agricultural machinery parts adapted to its tractor, it is essential to know certain references. These include the serial number of the machine and the brand of the part to be changed. The first element is usually found on the vehicle's chassis. As far as the brand is concerned, the brand of the part to be changed sometimes differs from the brand of the machine. In this case, if the original equipment cannot be found, it is sufficient to replace it with an adaptable model.

Indeed, the adaptable spare parts have the same characteristics as the original ones. However, they are rarely the creations of the machine designer. This explains why there are references on the market of excellent quality like the original ones. At the same time, some users come across less reliable equipment. It is therefore advisable to choose them with care to avoid falling into the trap of counterfeiting.

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Find a point of purchase

Agricultural spare parts can be purchased from a dealer. It is not essential that the dealer is the seller of the machine. The main thing is that he sells machines of the same brand. It doesn't matter if it is a competitor or not.

The buyer of agricultural machinery parts can contact the manufacturer directly through their web page. By the way, this option offers chances to buy cheaper than from a dealer and make significant savings. However, the chances of the manufacturer agreeing to sell to the retailer are 50 %. Most prefer to sell to wholesalers, thus clearing large inventories in a single transaction.

In addition to dealers and manufacturers, several spare parts dealers offer used equipment to farmers. They also sell used agricultural machinery. Before considering this option, it is important to have some experience in purchasing this type of equipment. The buyer should know exactly what tool he is looking for, its approximate value and reliable addresses. For this purpose, it is ideal to ask the farmers in your area.

In addition, dealers and manufacturers generally offer parts that are suitable for modern agricultural machines. The second-hand purchase is, therefore, the best chance for those who are looking for spare parts for old models.

Where to buy agricultural spare parts

The farmer who wishes to buy agricultural spare parts between two modes of trade:

  • A local store;
  • An online store

The easiest and least restrictive way to buy an agricultural spare part is online. To do this, there is no need to go anywhere. With his smartphone or computer, you just need to connect and go to the page of a store dedicated to the sale of spare parts. The buyer who does not know e-commerce sites selling spare parts can easily find them by entering his request in his search engine. The search engine will offer a variety of options, including platforms specializing in the trade of spare parts and those selling all kinds of equipment.

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Why buy agricultural spare parts online?

Buying agricultural spare parts online saves a lot of time. This option saves the farmer from having to go around the stores to find the part he is looking for. The internet tool allows him to access several models in a single click.

The e-commerce sites generally have a search bar. This allows the farmer to enter his reference and check its availability in the store of his choice. When the model is available, it is displayed directly with its characteristics and price. This parameter allows the consumer to compare in a short time several costs and to choose the one that benefits him.

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