All you need to know about mutual health insurance

Need more detailed information about mutual health insurance companies? Don't know what they are? Learn more about them in this article.

Types of health insurance

There are two main types of contracts: additional compact contracts and flexible contracts.

The first offers a set of defined services without the ability to help with more delicate items (teeth or glasses). You also know that you can opt out as a bonus for use. The draft proposal is a good idea, whether for young people, families or seniors.

The second suggestion is that based on the cost of building supplements, plus the cost of customization compared to your usual consumption, you can compensate employees for the benefits of hospital rehabilitation ... Pricing is based on modular partners, and the dominant compact formula Show the facts of the consumption plan.

Obligations for health coverage

National health insurance, known as CMU, is a compulsory health protection measure for people residing in France and for those who are not members of unregulated health insurance schemes.

To be eligible, it is necessary to be in good condition and to stay in France for not less than 3 months. It is only granted on a means-tested basis, but if the family income reaches the predetermined maximum limit, the contribution can be obtained.

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Although in the world of infectious diseases, this is free coverage and can be upgraded. You are entitled to pay 100% of social security expenses. Hospital expenses for long-term hospitalized people are subject to the obligations of CMU, which are indefinitely. The additional CMU does not require franchise for customers.

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