Focus on 6 tourism professions

Would you like to go into tourism? Indeed, it is a sector that continues to attract many people. It allows them to escape, to enjoy the moments on board and to quench their thirst for travel by discovering various destinations. In fact, it guarantees a variety of jobs that are in full evolution. Discover here 6 attractive jobs in the tourism sector.

Trip Advisor

The advisor of travel is a profession of tourism and travel that focuses on proposing destinations to future travelers, but also on how to make their travel project a reality. Thus, the travel consultant must perfectly master his field of activity.

Specifically, he is called to identify the desires of customers. Also, he must know the different provisions of each country and its specificities. This is a complete job, especially since the travel consultant is entirely responsible for the smooth running of the trip.

Tourism Product Manager

The tourism product manager is the specialist of a specific territory. He uses his senses to imagine stays and packages that he can then propose in travel agencies. In order to make the package more attractive, he must take everything into consideration. Whether it is the way of moving to the accommodation, the duration of the stay, the proposed activities. In general, the tourism product manager defines each stage of the trip. He also takes into account the price aspect.

Data analyst

The data analyst is in charge of predicting what will attract people when they make future reservations. To do this, they use large databases to estimate travel trends. They work closely with government organizations as well as travel agencies.

His main role is to develop targeted marketing. The data analyst has certain strong qualities, including rigor. Also, he must have a perfect mastery of mathematics, computer science and business.

Hotel receptionist

The hotel receptionist is a profession in the tourism sector. This professional has a keen sense of communication and organization. Thus, he/she easily manages to welcome customers, to take care of reservations, but also to take care of unexpected events.

Availability is one of his strong qualities. Often, he has to follow staggered schedules to achieve his different goals. In addition, he must master several languages at the same time. This will allow him to adapt quickly to the language of the client in front of him.

Yield/revenue manager

It is the professional who has the special mission to optimize the turnover. He relies on different solutions to reach his goal. For example, it is possible to change the channels of reservation so that the hotel to vary the price of the rooms, etc.

Indeed, a yield manager must be comfortable with numbers. Rigor and the ability to make decisions quickly are qualities that are specific to this professional.

Lecturer guide

He is an indispensable partner during visits to monuments or museums. Endowed with a good general culture, the guide will be able to propose suitable answers to the tourists' questions. Like the hotel receptionist, he must master several languages. Thus, he will be able to adapt easily to his public.

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