How to organize a professional event?

You have to organize a professional event and you lack experience? You are right to do some research on the subject because it can't be improvised. There are many things you need to take into account for the success of a professional event. Discover by the following how to perfectly organize your professional event.

What you need to know about organizing a professional event

A professional event is different from events between individuals. In most cases, it is a meeting or seminar between the actors of a company, a community or an association. The purpose is, in most cases, to make an important decision or to inform customers.

The organization of an event is therefore important. In order to be well organized and successful in this process, certain steps must be respected. The best way, if you lack experience, is to call upon experts in the field. These are event agencies that are used to organizing this kind of seminar, whether it is online or physical.

What theme for your corporate seminar? 

It is possible to organize a corporate event for several reasons. You may want to create (or recreate) a team cohesion, integrate new collaborators or thank your teams for their investment. It is the same with the themes addressed. Depending on the goal of your event, you will not make the same choice. Before talking about these themes, you should know that it is possible to find out more on It is a company specialized in the organization of teambuilding.

As far as types of seminars are concerned, you can consider the theme:

  • of the sport
  • of the greening 
  • from work (with some recreational breaks or evenings)
  • cultural
  • playful
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You will also have to think about the place where it will take place. Depending on the location of your company and the distance you want your teams to travel, you can leave for the sea, the mountains, the city or on the contrary large green spaces or forest. You can also stay in France or go abroad. 

Of course, the further away the seminar is organized, the more you should select an all-inclusive formula, so that you do not have to look for something to eat for example. This will allow you to stay focused on the activities or the work content (if it is a studious seminar). 

As an example of an activity, you can ask for escapes game, a karaoke, a mini-cruise, a hike... For thrills, it can be on the theme of sports, like bungee jumping. Nevertheless, team sports can help you to bring cohesion and communication. It can be rowing. 

As you can see, you have access to a wide range of choices in organizing your seminar. Don't hesitate to ask for advice, if you are lost or undecided. 

Why use an event agency?

A company has the necessary resources to organize the event by itself. But to make a success of a professional event of such a scale and not to forget anything, it is better to call upon providers like Tictac Event. The event agency is always creative to personalize your event. It is more flexible to adapt to your needs.

An event agency will do everything possible to meet your expectations and help you achieve your goal. It puts at your disposal a whole team for the conception of an event whatever the format that you wish.


Steps to follow to organize a professional event

The success of a professional event depends on good organization of the planner. He must also be creative to make the seminar more attractive. Preparations must be made before, during and after the event. Here are some tips that will help you succeed in your planning.

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Define objectives and targets

Before doing anything, you must first define your objectives and expectations for the event. You need to ask yourself the right questions in order to identify all the points to be addressed. During your meetings, keep your objectives in mind by writing them down. They should guide you in the realization of this project. Also note that the organization of the project also depends on your audience. The formulas to be conveyed depend on the targets and change for customers, collaborators or employees.

The choice of the type of event

You must then determine the type of event to be carried out for your company. It generally depends on your objectives and targets. For a meeting between employees, you should organize a conference for example. There are also several formats that adapt to the type of event chosen. There are networking evenings, congresses, seminars and many others.

Find a date and place

The choice of the date is quite simple. It must suit the majority of the participants. It is advisable to choose a date far enough from the vacation periods. Avoid weekends and choose a day of the week instead. For the place, it depends on the number of people to invite. If the company's premises are not suitable, rent a place that is accessible to all.

Budget estimate

You must put a price range for the realization of your professional event. You must not exceed the allowed margin. You should not go overboard and organize an event beyond your final budget.

Communicate the event

You must inform the participants in advance so that they can organize their schedule. It is also advisable to give all the information about the event to avoid surprises. You can inform the guests by email or choose the networks which are the most used platform nowadays.

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