The missions of a general building company

For the execution of important works, to call upon a company of all trades is the best option. Whether it is a business or a house, it is possible to contract by separate trades or by using a general construction company. But what is the role of these building professionals?

The role of construction companies in interior and exterior design

The main mission of a general building contractor is to carry out work on behalf of the client (the individual who wants to carry out his building work). As this general contractor is considered as a general contractor, it is responsible for the realization of works : interior renovation, layout, earthworks, construction....

Professional in the sector, she has the necessary know-how to propose and advise in terms of execution of works, engineering and especially decoration.

Upstream of any project, this all trades company will first make a project study which will result in technical provisions, and a detailed tariff for each intervention. She will organize each step by dialoguing with the main actors of the project. From A to Z, she will perfectly master the various trades.

The various qualities of a general construction company

According to what has been established in the market a construction companymust ensure the design and management of your renovation works and your painting work. She will coordinate the masonry, plumbing, decoration and painting.

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This company has multiple facets: from the installation of partitions, to the installation of the electrical system, through thermal insulation or heating. It can also supervise the installation of floor coverings.

In all cases, it ensures that the work is delivered within the earliest convenience. She answers all the requests of construction projects: foundation, wall, frame, roofing... From partial renovations to complete renovations she takes care of everything.

Check the insurance of the company

As qualified professionals in the field, and according to the Spinetta lawThe company must cover a decennial liability through a decennial insurance contract. From the beginning of the negotiation with the company for your work, you must therefore check that the civil liability and decennial insurance certificates are in order.

According to the Macron law, the contractor must be able to attach to his quotes and invoices a certificate of liability insurance as well as a certificate of ten-year insurance.

The labels and certifications of the construction company

With regard to the energy and environmental quality For all properties, whether they are being renovated or built, certificates and labels exist. They assist you in the choice of builders. The main advantage is that they guarantee high quality work, so that the resale or rental goes well

The need for damage insurance

The insurance damage work will protect you from various risks related to the act of building a house. It is therefore a legal obligation that should not be neglected. Every year, the settlement of claims amounts to about 1 billion euros for damage to work insurers. Hence the need to guarantee this risk

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Also, the consequences of not subscribing to the contract are set up by the article L243-3 of the Insurance Code.

An all-risk insurance must be Qualibat certified with features such as :

  • The subscription in good standing with respect to insurance;
  • Ability to do all the work;
  • Excellent financial strength and up-to-date tax and social security obligations.
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