How to choose a distance learning real estate expert?

Choosing a career is usually a decision that many people find difficult to make. Indeed, the plurality of possibilities that are available to us can be an asset, as well as a disadvantage. Faced with this, before choosing a professional orientationIt is always advisable to study the skills required for a profession. In the case of the real estate expert, it is essential to be rigorous, observant, impartial and with an analytical mind. Add to this, that it will be also indispensable to be able to move for missions of work. In short, if you meet all these qualities, and you are interested in this profession, you will have to choose a training.

Presentation of the real estate expert's job

The estimation of the goods is the base of the profession of real estate expert. Indeed, when a property is being sold, the latter intervenes on different phases to be able to give a precise value whether it is for the purchase or the rent of this property. It is important to know that the economic crisis has had a major impact on the real estate industry. However, statistics indicate that an increase is to be expected. Therefore, there is no risk that this profession will disappear one day. In addition, the main mission of this professional is just to estimate a property, but in order to do so, he must analyze, diagnose several specificities of the property, such as:

  • Area;
  • Location;
  • Technical diagnosis;
  • Performance;
  • The state of the market.

The real estate taken in charge by the expert are very diversified. He can be brought to estimate a housing (apartment or house), a goodwill, a forest, a commercial premise, a factory. Consequently, he will be confronted with several types of market, but also with very diversified employees. Indeed, he can be solicited by private individuals to know the value of a good, to acquire or sell it. He may also be called upon by a judge, an insurer or a notary.

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Finally, the real estate expert is authorized to practice for his own account in order to put its know-how to the benefit of its customers. To do so, here are how to create a real estate diagnostic company. As he can be hired by a company that will use his services daily. Another possibility is to join a real estate agency as an independent or an insurance company.

Choosing a distance learning real estate expert

Choosing a distance learning real estate expertThere are many training courses by mail to become a real estate expert. Faced with this, it will be essential to choose the best one for you. In order to achieve this, the selection will have to be made according to several parameters. First of all, start with the definition of your needs and your goals. You want to take a real estate training course to get a diploma, to change your career or to develop your skills. Then, the choice of the format of your distance learning real estate expert training must also be taken into account. It is possible to find correspondence courses that offer education on :

  • An online platform;
  • Paper mailed ;
  • Pre-recorded videos.

You can also choose the duration of the training (long term, accelerated, intermediate). All of these choices should be consistent with your personal and professional availability. After that, the proposed program should be studied. This will allow you to know which course is most likely to meet your expectations.

Finally, the last criterion is the evaluation of the distance real estate expert training through the level of success and the number of certifications it has. As well as its cost. It is important to know that training courses on a specific subject start at 1,000 euros. While those that last longer are from 2 000 to 4 000 euros.

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Find a distance learning real estate expert

Many French and European organizations offer distance learning courses to become a real estate expert. We can mention :

The Superior Institute of Real Estate Expertise and Pathology

The Superior Institute of Real Estate Expertise and PathologyIt is a 26-day training course divided as follows: a distance learning during 21 days which will take place through virtual classes. The remaining five days will be face-to-face. It offers a three-part learning process:

  • Real estate expertise ;
  • Building pathology and construction fundamentals;
  • Intermediation in banking operations.

Therefore, thanks to this training, you will be able to evaluate the rental and market value of a property by having a thorough knowledge of the "real estate evaluation" charter.

European Real Estate Bachelor (enaco)

In order to integrate this training, the applicant must have at least a bachelor's degree validated, but the advantage of the training is that it is done entirely online, even the exams. Two types of specializations are available at BEI:

  • Property management ;
  • Real estate transaction.

Following this training, you can have a bac+3 granted by the European Federation of Schools. Nevertheless, it is important to know that a twelve-week internship is essential.

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