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Leave for a unique stay in Brazil

enjoy the brazilian nature

Yes, Brazil is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for vacationers. Indeed, this country records nearly 2 million visitors per year. And this is not at all surprising when you know that it is the 5th most popular destination for ...

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5 good reasons to go to Colombia

house in colombia

Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. Its tropical climate, varied landscapes, numerous attractions and pleasant beaches, mountains, lakes and volcanoes make it such a diverse and fascinating country...

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Why make a honeymoon in Guadeloupe?

make a honeymoon in guadeloupe 1

After the frenzy of the wedding, here comes to big steps the date of your honeymoon. If you haven't decided yet or if you are still hesitating about the destination to choose, we talk to you in this article about honeymoons in Guadeloupe. So, beaches, hotels and honeymoons, read what Guadeloupe has in store for you!

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What do I need to do to get a visa for Kenya?

trip to nairobi

You love to travel and you dream of visiting a safari at least once in your life? Do you love African culture and want to go there for a discovery tour? Look no further and already plan your trip to Kenya, in fact, during the last few years, this country has been encouraging more tourism and making it easier to obtain a visa with simplified online procedures. In our article we are going to talk about the steps to follow and everything there is to know about obtaining your visa to Kenya especially for French and European residents, so without further ado we wish you a safe trip!

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15 tips to buy your plane tickets cheaper

airplane travel tips

Traveling is a way to get away from it all, to broaden one's horizons, to change one's mind, so it's no wonder that most people want to travel and see the world. But traveling is also relatively expensive, and the amount spent on transportation, ...

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The best destinations for chocolate lovers

chocolate trip

 Are you a chocolate lover? Do you want to treat yourself to the best chocolates in the world for the Easter vacations? There are many destinations to discover to make your dream come true. Moreover, each manufacturer ...

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Book a VTC for your next trip in France!

Book a VTC for your next trip in France

As much as you think about the perfect destinations to make the best trip and the monuments and places you are going to visit, you have to think about the means of transportation! You are not in your native country and you don't have to ...

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Top 10 most breathtaking tourist sites

city kassiopi 018 house durrell kalami author alinea

Are you a fan of beautiful landscapes and thrills? The world is full of breathtaking places where the adrenaline rush is guaranteed. From Norway to the farthest reaches of China, here is a selection of tourist sites that will delight you. Mount Hua, ...

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Why should you choose accommodation in gites?


Vacations are a great way to let off steam, have fun and relax. The accommodation solution you choose will greatly affect the quality of your vacation. That's why it's important to think carefully and choose the best alternative. Its comfort and convenience ...

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body of water g604458d47 1920

The Vendée, our region of the month for April, is located in the south of the Pays de la Loire region, on the French Atlantic coast, just south of Brittany and Nantes, and north of La Rochelle. Located in the ...

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How to make beautiful travel photos?

How to make beautiful travel photos

Many people like to bring back souvenirs when they go on a trip. Pictures are perfect souvenirs and people take pictures to report their travels. But it's not always easy to get great travel photos when you're not a photographer. Discover our tips to make beautiful photos of travel.

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