15 tips to buy your plane tickets cheaper

Traveling is a way to get away from it all, to broaden one's horizons, to change one's mind, so it's not surprising that most people want to travel and see the world. But traveling is also relatively expensive, and the amount spent on transportation, usually air travel, is a big part of the travel budget. If you want to travel more often, without draining your bank account or depriving yourself of interesting activities, here are 15 tips to help you find great deals on your airline tickets :

1. Choose an airline for the outward journey and another for the return journey

Don't feel obligated to fly your entire trip with the same airline. It is possible to save money by flying with one airline on the way out and another on the way back. This sometimes amounts to cheaper than buying these two tickets from the same company.

2. Changing airports

By preparing your trip, compare ticket prices from different airportsThe cost of the trip, whether it is on the way there or on the way back. It may come back to you cheaper to take the train to an airport and then fly to your destination.

3. Check the price evolution, even after booking

Even if you've pulled out the credit card and already booked your airfare, keep checking for price changes. If prices drop, call your airline to cancel your reservation and resume lower ticket prices and especially cheaper.

4. Scrutinize promotions through newsletters and social networks

To be first on promotions and get good deals, subscribe to the newsletter, to the Facebookand the twitter feed of your favorite airline. As soon as a good deal comes along, you should jump on it immediately, as some offers only last a few hours.

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5. Travel early in the morning

air travel

The world belongs to those who get up early, and apparently so, the cheapest airline tickets too. Few people want to travel early in the morning, so there is less demand, and prices are consequently lower. If you are a morning person, travel early in the morning and save money.

6. Delete cookies from your browser

Have you ever visited a website to check airfare prices, then come back after a few minutes, a few hours, or the next day, you realize that the price of the ticket you were interested in has increased ? Some booking sites place a cookie on your browser and increases the price of the ticket you wantYou will receive an email every time you visit their site, to encourage you to book quickly. Remember to delete cookies from your browser, or use private browsing to avoid falling into the trap.

7. Consult the websites of the airlines

Rather than going through flight comparators, try to go directly to the source and go to the airline's website you are interested in. Most airlines have promotions and exclusive offers, which you can only take advantage of when you follow their news through their website or social networks.

8. Traveling late at night

Just as there are few people who travel early in the morning, there are few who wish to travel late at night. No wonder then that ticket prices are as low as possible. As long as you don't have a problem traveling at night, you should take advantage of the night tickets that cost less.

9. Compare prices on different websites

Don't stay on the same booking site. Make a short list of sites and flight comparison sites to compare them against each other. This will maximize your chances of finding the right deal.

10. Reserve well in advance

As a general rule, the earlier you go, the better the prices will be. Ideally, you should book your tickets one to two months in advance to get them at the cheapest price. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, and with luck you can find cheaper tickets by booking at the last minute, but this is still quite rare.

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11. Postpone your trip by a few days

Being flexible with your travel dates can save you money on your airfare. So when checking ticket prices, don't hesitate to add or subtract a few days from your departure and return dates in order to have a precise idea of the price variation. It is possible that by shifting your trip by a few days you can buy your tickets cheaper.

12. Make a stopover

It is certainly more convenient to fly directly to your destination. However, by taking two flights instead of one and making a short stopover, you can substantially reduce the total cost of your airfare. If you decide to make a stopover, be sure to leave enough time between the two flights to ensure that you can catch the second flight in case the first arrives late.

13. Traveling on Tuesday or Wednesday

Tuesday and Wednesday are the two least popular days for travelers and they are also the two days with the cheapest airfares. And to further reduce the price, you can choose to travel early in the morning or late in the evening, on Tuesday or Wednesday.

14. Buy tickets separately

When traveling with a group or family, don't feel pressured to buy all the tickets at the same time, and in one order. When you buy several tickets in one transaction, the reservation systems make sure that all tickets are at the same price. But if you make multiple transactions and buy each ticket separately, some of your tickets will be cheaper than others. This results in a much lower total.

15. Travelling out of season

June, July, August are the months that mark the peak of the summer travel season. December is the month that marks the peak of the winter season. You can catch everyone off guard by traveling out of season, and get great discounts on your plane tickets. You can, for example, leave in September, when the July and August people have deserted the airports.

And you, what are your tips to buy your plane tickets cheaper? Leave us a comment.

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