Book a VTC for your next trip in France!

As much as you think about the perfect destinations to make the best trip and the monuments and places you are going to visit, you have to think about the means of transportation! You are not in your home country and you should not leave anything to chance! Everything should be planned.

If your next destination is France, fortunately for you because you can use VTC! And in this article we will provide you with all the information you need about VTCs to make your trip a success.

What is a VTC ?

It is the vehicle of tourism with driver which is also called Car with driver. These are vehicles that offer the same services as a cab, they allow you to move by being driven.

What are the differences between VTCs and cabs?

There are a few differences between cabs and VTCs, the clearest of which is that unlike cabs, VTCs do not carry a sign or distinctive sign. It is thus less well identified than a cab.

Why then use a VTC?

The fact that the VTC 91 does not have a sign or light on the roof is not the only difference, there are others that make these vehicles stand out:

  • These are free-fare cars. In fact, they are fixed according to the distance traveled and the duration of the trip. Flat rates can also be applied. However, the customer knows how much he will be charged as soon as he makes the reservation.
  • You can enjoy the VTC on reservation only. It is the guarantee to have a vehicle for sure.
  • VTCs are cars with 4 to 9 seats. VTCs can therefore carry more passengers.
  • Since they do not carry any distinctive sign, you can travel in all discretion!
  • For your convenience, VTCs often provide a bottle of mineral water and recent newspapers.
  • These vehicles are subject to the same driving rules as ordinary vehicles. In order to save time, they often use GPS devices that indicate traffic jams. They can therefore easily adapt their route.

We would like to mention that during the severe restrictions applied as a result of the pandemic, VTCs have taken all the necessary sanitary measures to protect their clients.

And the drivers?

Some may be afraid of VTC drivers and need reassurance

VTC drivers demonstrate impeccable driving and behavior on the roads. They also master basic mechanical points and demonstrate excellent knowledge of the routes in their work areas. They are well presented, smiling and pleasant. They stand out for their sense of service and discretion. No talking to the customer if he doesn't want to talk, no turning on the radio if it bothers him and above all, no unwanted questions.

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