Vacation destination in Greece: discover the Ionian Islands

In the west of Greece there are islands called: the Ionian Islands. They form an archipelago between Greece and Italy and spread over the three seas: the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea. The archipelago begins in the south of Albania and ends off the western coast. The Ionian Islands are composed of seven main islands including Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Kythera and minor islands such as Sazan, Echinades islands. These islands are populated and each one has its own personality, some are authentic and others seaside. Follow the guide to discover them.

Discover the beautiful main Ionian islands

Starting with the most beautiful of these seven islands: Corfu. It is located in the northern part of the Ionian Sea on the western side of Greece. It is the capital of the Ionian Islands periphery. If you look at it on the map from north to south, you will see the shape of a sickle. Corfu has an impressive relief, because in the south there are plains, in the north mountains and in the center hills obviously the coasts are made up of pebbles and sands.

Then there is Paxos: the pretty little green island, covered by 300,000 olive trees is located south of the island of Corfu. It is the most secret island of the Ionian Islands. Paxos is set with beaches and impressive cliffs, ideal for vacations in Greece by the sea. The inhabitants of this island are very welcoming and friendly.

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And finally, the island of Lefkada which is located north of Ithaca and Cephalonia. It is a mountainous island, rich in vegetation in the east and south. The main activities of the island are livestock, agriculture and tourism. It has museums like the archaeological museum which is in the center of the city, the museum of popular art near the church Agcos Spyridon and the museum of Gramophones.

The impressive small islands of the Ionian Sea

One can also find small islands of incomparable beauty such as Ithaca, an island northeast of Kefalonia, west of the Greek mainland. The landscape is rather hilly, and there are not many beautiful beaches. It is part of the Ionian Islands archipelago. Then there is Kefalonia, an island marked by its chasms, very mountainous. Its surface area is 935 km2, which is why it is the largest of all its islands. In Kefalonia, you will find very beautiful places to visit Like the citadel of Sami which has existed since ancient times, the fortress of St. George is located on a hill at 320 meters above sea level. Don't miss the beautiful underground lake of Melissani which is north of Sami, at a depth of 39 meters, you can visit it by boat.

Before the last island, you can discover Zakynthos, another island in the Ionian Sea, located in the west of the Greek mainland. It is known for its oil springs and its fine sandy beaches. After Corfu, it is the most visited island. Finally, there is Kythera, which is located between the Peloponnese and Crete. It is bathed in the east by the Aegean Sea and in the west by the Mediterranean Sea. This island is a bit far from the big urban centers.

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To conclude, each island has its own potential, it's up to you to choose the place that you like the most for your next trip to Greece.

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