Enjoy the vibrant nightlife during a stay in Seychelles

Seychelles is well known for its beautiful beaches, green hills, tropical forests, and the many water sports activities it offers. However, little is said about its nightlife. It is true that the country is far from offering the atmosphere of Ibiza or Berlin. However, night owls can still find the opportunity to enjoy the night on the archipelago.

Enjoy your stay in the Seychelles when you are a night owl

It should be noted that the nightlife in the archipelago is mainly concentrated around the islands of Mahé and Praslin. These are therefore the destinations to be favored if you love to party and if you plan to go to Seychelles. So, in this kind of small guide for those who are looking for wild parties and nights in the country, you will discover what these two islands have to offer.

The effort of the big hotels to give a party atmosphere in their own discos, bars and casinos is noticeable. For movie fans, the place to go is the Deepam Cinema in the capital city of Victoria. In addition, a growing number of locals and foreign visitors are beginning to show more and more interest in the nightclubs of Mahé and Praslin.

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Unwind in the best nightclubs in Mahe

It is especially in Mahe that the nightlife is the most developed in the archipelago. This is quite normal, since it is the main island and also the most populated. You will therefore have the opportunity to enjoy a relatively wide range of quality nightclubs in Mahé. Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Tequila Boom, which is located in Bel Ombre. It is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 pm to 5 am.
  • The Katiolo Night Club, which has the advantage of being close to the airport (for those who are in a hurry to party as soon as they set foot on the archipelago!). Many also appreciate the fact that it is located on the beach. Its opening days and hours are the same as those of Tequila Boom.
  • L'Ozone has no reason to be ashamed of its festive atmosphere as other discotheques. In addition to offering affordable rates, this club has the advantage of being open on Sundays.

Spend the night in the discotheques of Praslin Island

After visiting the discotheques of Mahé, you can continue to the island of Praslin. For that, the night owl that you are must make about fifty minutes of crossing by boat.

  • The Oxygen and its crazy track is a release that is waiting for you to dance to the rhythm of the DJ's turntables.
  • The Jungle (Oxygen's competitor) offers a superb tropical experience with a modern touch.
  • Château Sans-Souci, in Anse Kerlan, lives up to its name. This hotel restaurant has a discotheque as well as several bars with delicious house cocktails.
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