New Zealand, an address to remember for a family trip to Polynesia

New Zealand is a tourist destination in Polynesia that promises its visitors a total change of scenery. This country offers diverse landscapes, each one as extraordinary as the other. From the Bay of Islands, admire the sumptuous white sand beaches where it is pleasant to sunbathe. Dive in its crystal clear waters with dolphins and other aquatic species. Other discoveries and adventures await you during your family trip to Polynesia.

Joining the Northland & Bay of Islands, a land paradise to be favored

Start your family trip to Polynesia at the northernmost tip of the North Island where you'll see the beautiful Northland. It's a small area where you'll see lush forests and long, sandy beaches. Take advantage of your visit to indulge in various beach activities. The Bay of Islands is a grouping of 150 idyllic islands creating an exceptional landscape. This destination is perfect for swimming in the middle of turquoise water.

While in Northland, go scuba diving in the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve. You'll see over 50 dive sites with tunnels and the largest underwater cave on the planet. If you're a foodie, enjoy tasty fish dishes and local wines on the islands.

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A small detour in the tourist city of Auckland, a memorable discovery

Continue your honeymoon or your family trip to the charming city of Auckland, which offers a plethora of activities to do. While walking through the streets of the metropolis, you can't miss the Sky Tower. At 328 meters high, this telecommunication tower is considered the tallest in the southern hemisphere. From the restaurants and platforms of the Sky Tower, enjoy a panoramic view of the entire region. If you're a thrill-seeker, how about an adrenaline rush by trying a free-fall from 192 meters high?

This circuit in Polynesia also allows you to visit the Waiheke Island. To get there, treat yourself to a little boat ride while contemplating a magnificent landscape. Once there, discover splendid vineyards and fields which extend as far as the eye can see. Wine lovers will be delighted.

Discover the Coromandel Peninsula, an amazing place not to be missed

A stay in Polynesia would be incomplete without visiting the Coromandel Peninsula. This place is less than two hours drive from Auckland city. It has so many surprises in store for you with its tourist sites. Know that this region is popular with vacationers thanks to its stretches of white sand suitable for various beach activities. Take advantage of your circuit in polynesia to discover its places of interest. Among them, you will not miss Cathedral Cove. It is a beautiful beach paradise known for its white sand and turquoise waters. Here, go scuba diving to explore multicolored fish. Not far from Cathedral Cove, you'll find Hot Water Beach, home to hot springs.

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