How to make beautiful travel photos?

Many people like to bring back souvenirs when they go on a trip. Pictures are perfect souvenirs and people take pictures to record their travels. But it's not always easy to get good travel photos when you're not a photographer. Discover our tips to make beautiful photos of travel.

Choosing a tripod to take great travel photos

Easy to use and set up, the tripod should be practical every day. You should therefore carefully select the tripod and choose the model that suits your needs.

Among the tripods on the market, you can choose the accessory that suits the use you want to make: the complete model (the video kit) or flexible (the 3 K Joby) or smaller (the compact tripod). More explanations in this article.

Also consider travel packs with an ego-pole that come in handy on the go or camera grips.

Remember the right moment of the day for successful travel photos

To take beautiful travel photos, there are two perfect times of the day. The professionals call golden hour every moment.

The golden hour corresponds to an hour that falls around sunrise and sunset. The sun brings to the environment a golden tint and the light is softer, it gives each shot a special atmosphere. Photographers prefer this time of day.

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Sunrise has the advantage of being a time when there are usually few people in places that are constantly crowded.

Be prepared in advance to take great travel pictures

It is essential to prepare yourself in advance to take great travel photos. For example, you can learn about the city or country to know what might be important to photograph. If you are going on a tour in an Eastern European country for example, you can target the region or note the most beautiful buildings.

However, beware of the highly touristy places. Sometimes these very touristy places are places seen and seen again with only minimal photographic interest. You must also know how to welcome the unexpected and live in the moment. Every change in weather produces an interesting photo.

Sometimes it would be better to take the pictures where no one would disturb the peace. However, an unexpected passerby can give a refreshing snapshot and another dimension to a photo.

Capturing the mood for great travel photos

The atmosphere of the journey is a notion composed of various perceptions: every noise you hear, the intense heat you feel, every scent you smell, etc.

If your camera can capture everything you see, it's essential to try to make as much of the other stuff visible as possible when you take pictures.

You can capture the movements and sounds with a short video sequence. For a large landscape, many cameras have a panorama function. You can't capture the taste of wine, but you can keep an image of it.

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To make the colors appetizing, you can activate settings. Combine the details that will best tell your experiences.

Sometimes the sunset over the sea happens just about everywhere on the planet. Personalize your travel photo by putting the strong coffee you are drinking in the foreground.

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