3 tips to prepare your stay in Nantes

The city of Nantes remains one of the main tourist destinations in France. It is home to many historical sites such as castles and cathedrals. Whether it is a business trip or a simple stay, preparations are essential. The best advice to follow.

Reserve a place in parking before his departure

It is important to prepare your stay in Nantesespecially if it is an important business trip. The online reservation of a parking space is the first step to take. 

Indeed, it is quite difficult to find one in the city of Nantes. Needless to say, it is one of the largest cities in France. According to the latest statistics, the number of inhabitants in Nantes will be 325,748 in 2021, compared to 321,568 in 2020. Approximately 252,000 tourists come to Nantes each year. 

The majority of them are transient tourists (nearly 70%). To ensure peace of mind, it is best to book several weeks in advance.

To make a business trip in NantesIf you want, you can rent a car. But this involves potentially high additional costs. 

Use a personal vehicle

It makes more sense to use a personal vehicle. Often, the person in charge of the mission has a company car. He must take care of it during his stay. The reason for parking the vehicle in a video-surveilled parking lot. This is the best solution to protect yourself from the risk of theft. 

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This way, the driver (the employee) can finish his mission without worrying about the safety of the company car. All that is needed is to choose the right service provider. The reservation is easily made on the Internet by visiting a platform dedicated to this purpose.

Carry out the formalities administrative and sanitary requirements

Administrative formalities are mandatory to enter the territories of the Nantes metropolis. Of course, they are less restrictive for French and European Union nationals. No passport or visa is required. A valid national identity card is enough to visit Nantes. 

The same goes for business trips. It is highly recommended to make a a copy of his CNI before his departure. This way, if it is lost or stolen during his stay, it will be easier to replace it. 

A prior declaration must be made to the local police authorities. On the other hand, supporting documents are necessary to reserve a parking in Nantes.

There is nothing more satisfying than to park your car safely in a guarded parking lot. It is quite possible to find one parking near Nantes airport. It is more convenient, especially for foreign travelers. Since they come from another country, they can easily get lost during their first stay in Nantes. More concretely, the reserved parking lot will serve as a landmark. 

As far as health formalities are concerned, vaccination certificates are still mandatory. They are required by the police authorities of Nantes. It is useless to remind that the coronavirus is not yet neutralized in France and in Europe. Therefore, unvaccinated people have little chance of entering the territory of Nantes.

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