The best things to do in Utah

Utah, a state in the southwestern part of the United States, is a territory filled with beautiful natural landscapes, wide open spaces and national parks. It has nothing to envy to its neighbors like California or Arizona. You can discover it no matter what the season. Here are a few things to do in Utah for an unforgettable experience.

Visit Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the largest city in Utah, nestled in the middle of a mountain range and located on the edge of the Great Salt Lake. It is one of America's most popular cities. For starters, you should know that this is the city of the Mormons, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You can learn more about this religion through the various buildings surrounding the main temple and by visiting the LDS Church History Museum.

Other things to see are the State Capitol, the Gilgal Sculpture Garden, and the Genealogy Library. In this library, you can research your ancestors and family history from the PCs. Apart from that, there are ballets, theaters, restaurants, stores and many places to go out at night. Finally, take a trip to Antelope Island State Park. You'll see animals such as pronghorn antelope and bison.

Admire the sunset in the Arches National Park

The national park des Arches is one of the must-see sites in the American West. It is known for the incredible beauty of its natural landscapes. The landscapes are both arid and mountainous, composed of rock piles, canyons, cliffs, obelisks and especially a formidable concentration of rocky arches of orange sandstone. These arches are located in the Windows section of the park.

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The best way to discover them is to make an excursion at the end of the day to admire a splendid sunset. It is also to avoid the strong heat. For the excursion, you will be on board a vehicle and accompanied by a local guide. You will follow him on a walk around the arches. Afterwards, he will take you to the most famous arch in the park, the Delicate Arch, to see the sun set and to take pictures. In any case, you will feel like you are on another planet.

Snowtubing at Brian Head Resort

Would you like to experience the thrill of snowtubing? Then come to Brian Head Resort during the winter season. This resort is located in the town of Brian Head, Iron County. As a reminder, snowtubing is sliding on snow on a big inner tube. It is a great outdoor activity for both children and adults.

It's kind of like sledding, but it's safer, more fun and you don't have to walk back up the hill. To get to the top of the courses, you'll make the least amount of effort, as Brian Head Resort has a conveyor belt. Other than that, you will need to follow all the instructions. It is also possible to do night sessions. For this, you have to come on Fridays and Saturdays.

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