The best destinations for chocolate lovers

 Are you a chocolate lover? Do you want to treat yourself to the best chocolates in the world for the Easter vacations? There are many destinations to discover to make your dream come true. Moreover, each chocolate manufacturer has their own know-how and their own particular flavors. Here are some destinations that you should definitely choose for your next gourmet journey.

The city of Hersey in the United States

Hershey is undoubtedly the city to visit to dive into the world of chocolate. It is located 10 kilometers east of Harrisburg, the capital of the state of Pennsylvania. This small town was created under the sign of chocolate, especially by the chocolate factory of the industrialist and philanthropist Milton S. Hershey. It is also called "the sweetest place in the world". During your trip to the United StatesIn this little Disneyland of cocoa, you will have the opportunity to visit the "Chocolate World" where you will have the chance to make your own chocolate bar. A guided tour will also be available to take you on a tasting adventure of a wide selection of chocolate confections. For the little ones, the Hershey Park amusement park awaits them with its roller coasters and rides. For your information, the Hershey Chocolate Company is the creator of the famous Rese's, Kisses or Kit Kat.

Oaxaca, Mexico

A trip to Mexico is therefore necessary to discover the capital of chocolate. You have to reach the city of Oaxaca in the south of Mexico to get there. It is located near the vestiges of Monte Alban. Once you arrive in this city, apart from the chocolate, you will also be seduced by its historical and colonial heritage, notably with its Santo Domingo church, its museum, its theaters and its other official buildings. But you won't leave the city without visiting its many chocolate factories, especially those located in the streets south of the main square Zocalo or even more, the Calle Mina south of the Benito Juarez market. In this street you can visit the stores of some of the biggest chocolate brands in the region. It is also possible to visit the workshops to see the elaboration of the chocolate cocoa.

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Brussels, the capital of Belgium

Brussels, the Belgian capital, remains a really attractive destination to discover chocolate. During your visit to this historic city, you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of chocolate and how it is made, especially in the Cocoa and Chocolate Museum. In general, this city has about 2,000 chocolate makers. To get an overview of the variety of Belgian chocolate shops, explore the Sablon chocolate district. Among those who are the best apart from Godiva, Neuhaus and Leonidas, we distinguish the chocolate maker Marcolini. Located in the Sablon, his store offers quality creations. His workshop is also accessible to follow closely his know-how. On the Place du Sablon, you will find the Maison Wittamer.

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