The main things to do during a stay in South Korea

Visiting South Korea is the dream of many world travelers. However, there are certain responsibilities that must be taken into account in order to ensure the success of your stay. In this regard, it is imperative to adopt certain gestures in order to live like a true Korean. Here are some ideas to achieve this.

The attitudes to undertake for a successful escapade in South Korea

There are a few things you should do to start your trip to South Korea. To begin with, when you meet someone, it is recommended to bow slightly to greet them. Also in this context, you should not thank a person all the time. In fact, you don't say "you're welcome" in Korean. Secondly, when visiting a Korean person, shoes should be taken off at the entrance.

When on the street and on public transportation, it is imperative to remain calm. Even if you are pushed and no one apologizes, you should not get upset. However, apologies in South Korea are only given for serious acts. In public transportation, especially the subway, it is advisable to pay attention to the reserved seats. These are dedicated to the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

What to do when invited to eat with a Korean?

During one's stay in South Korea, one may be invited to a dinner with the locals. As the country has a tradition and a unique way of life, it is imperative to know more about it. When sitting at the table, for example, one must adopt certain gestures like a true Korean. On that note, it is frowned upon to start the meal before the oldest person at the table begins.

Also, unlike in other Asian countries, it is impolite to bring your dish or bowl of soup to your mouth. You should also not stick your chopsticks in the rice, as it surely evokes the incense sticks of the funeral. As a reminder, it is not polite to blow your nose in front of everyone at the table.

A destination that still favors its customs and traditional values

The Land of the Morning Calm is a state known for its dynamism, its modernity, and above all, its various technologies. In spite of these images, it should be noted that the nation presents a certain infatuation with its habits and customs. Indeed, the traditional values of the country can be felt through every expedition made there. Confucianism largely favors the harmony of the South Korean society. It is a doctrine that governs most of the interactions between families, colleagues, friends and foreigners.

To really practice this way of life, tourists can consult This site to choose the places to visit. The objective is to make the newcomers understand the subtleties of the old structure. They can learn the basics quickly. For example, one should speak politely to the elders, not refuse a dose of soju, wait for the boss to eat before going to dinner, etc.

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