Travelling to New Zealand: 3 cities to choose from as a destination

We have to admit that the land of the kiwis attracts more and more holidaymakers every year, despite the fact that New Zealand is on the other side of the world. This is not surprising since the New Zealand territory has several choice destinations allowing to visit a wide range of remarkable tourist sites of interest. In fact, here are some of the must-see cities to consider as a destination for a trip to New Zealand.

The city of Auckland, the largest in the country

Auckland is undoubtedly one of the New Zealand cities not to be missed for many reasons. Indeed, the latter is a practically obligatory stopover since it is one of the main gateways to the country of the Kiwis by air and sea. Moreover, Auckland is often proposed by most travel agencies as a destination for the beginning of your stay, for example, leaving with Marco Vasco in New Zealand. Moreover, it allows you to reach other New Zealand cities for a possible tour.

Not to mention that you can fly directly to the famous Cook Islands from Auckland International Airport. New Zealand's largest city also has several tourist attractions to discover during your visit. One of these is the remarkable Auckland War Memorial Museum, which is one of the most important in the country. Otherwise, you should not miss the visit of the emblematic Sky Tower which will allow you to observe the city on 360° and up to 80 km around.

The capital of New Zealand, Wellington

As well as New Zealand's largest city, the capital of the Kiwi country is also a destination for travel The city is a must for its undeniable tourist attractions. Wellington is indeed one of the main gateways to New Zealand through its international airport. It is therefore possible to define it as your drop-off point in New Zealand apart from Auckland. What's more, this city also has several tourist attractions that are definitely worth visiting.

In fact, Wellington is home to several remarkable sites of interest that are a must-see, such as the famous Te Papa Tongarewa National Museum. The latter is the largest in the country, but it is also one of the most exceptional museums in the world. In addition, spending time in Wellington will also allow you to visit the Zealandia Sanctuary where you will have the opportunity to observe New Zealand's emblematic animal, the famous kiwi.

The world capital of extreme sports and activities, Queenstown

If you are a thrill-seeking, extreme sports and outdoor adventure enthusiast, then Queenstown is the place to be in New Zealand, the perfect place to learn how to love sports !. Indeed, it is not by chance that this New Zealand city is considered as the world capital of extreme sports and activities! You will be spoilt for choice of activities to do (more than 200) during a stay in Queenstown.

During the summer season, a plethora of activities can be tried both in the air (skydiving) and in the air (skiing). parachuteIn the winter season, you can easily reach some of New Zealand's best ski resorts, such as Cardona or Coronet Peak, among others. During the winter season (southern winter), you can easily reach some of the best ski resorts in New Zealand, such as Cardona or Coronet Peak.

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