The massage gun, an ally to relieve pain and contractures

Muscle pain and contractures are problems frequently encountered by athletes and people with intense physical activity. To remedy this, many tools exist, but today, we are interested in a particularly innovative object: the massage gun. Find out how this device can help you relieve pain and contractures in an effective and unconventional way.

What is a massage gun?

The massage gun is a muscle relaxation tool that comes directly from the health sector. Fitness. This is a device that allows you to massage the muscles deeply by percussion, thus offering an effect similar to that of a jackhammer, but adapted to the human body. We also talk about Deep tissue massage (deep tissue massage).

This device is frequently used by practitioners of CrossFit, of bodybuilding and other intense physical activities, which have a benefit in terms of reducing the feeling of stiffness after exercise. It can also be used to treat muscle contractures.

Structure and operation of the massage gun

A massage gun consists of two main parts: a base and a tip. The tip is interchangeable, and several options are generally offered (4 to 5 different tips on average). Among these tips, some are particularly appreciated for their effectiveness, such as the one allowing thefoot self-massage.

As for the base of the massage gun, it has a system for selecting the intensity of the device. Several intensity levels are available, but in this article, we will mainly focus on the use of the first level for a gentler and more physiology-friendly approach.

How to use the massage gun effectively?

To get the most out of this tool, it is important to understand the physiological mechanisms that govern pain and contractures. First of all, it is essential to know that pain is created by the brain when it feels threatened. Therefore, it is appropriate to dialogue with him to obtain the expected results.

In addition, the skin plays a crucial role in the perception of pain and the reception of stimulation. In fact, the exteroceptive receptors are located at the skin level, and it is they which send electrical signals to the brain via the nerves and the spinal cord. There are therefore no receptors of this type in the muscles, which means that applying the massage gun directly to the muscle will not produce sensation.

Unconventional use of the massage gun

The method recommended in this article consists of using the massage gun in an unconventional way, that is to say taking into account the skin receptors and favoring the first level of intensity. Indeed, it is more effective to stimulate the exteroceptive receptors by applying the massage gun parallel to the epidermis rather than perpendicularly.

This approach makes it possible to stimulate two different types of receptors: those which react to skin traction and those which react to sliding strokes. To maximize the effects, it is recommended to stay at least 2 minutes per zone massage, which allows you to modulate the action on the nervous system.

Among the possible applications, we can cite in particular the massage of the upper trapezius, often a source of contractures and pain. Thanks to use parallel to the skin, the vibrations are less aggressive and do not cause unpleasant sensations in the skull or thorax. It is even possible to reach the area near the spine without excessive pressure.

Application example: self-massage of the foot

Another example of use of the massage gun concerns thefoot self-massage. To do this, simply change the tip and proceed in the same way as for other parts of the body. Many users love this app for the relief it provides.

Where to get a massage gun?

Massage guns are available in the market at varying prices. However, it is advisable to choose a purchase from a reseller who offers the possibility of returning the product in the event of dissatisfaction. This way, you can test the massage gun and see if it suits your needs and expectations.

In conclusion, the massage gun is an innovative and effective tool for relieving pain and muscle contractures. Its use in an unconventional way, taking into account physiology and skin receptors, makes it possible to obtain convincing results without attacking the body. Do not hesitate to try this device to improve your daily comfort and well-being.