Shoes from the 1920s: a return to retro

For some, the 1920s only conjure up images of The Great Gatsby with extravagant parties and daring outfits. While this is partly true, it should be noted that the reality of this era is a bit more complex than that. Today we’re going to look at one particular aspect of 1920s style: shoes.

The reality of the 20s

Before we dive into the world of shoes, let’s take a clear look at what the 1920s were really like. Contrary to what many people may think, this decade was not a time of constant madness and outrageous partying. In fact, it was a time of great social and cultural change. Women were increasingly present on the public stage, and the old conservative Victorian fashions gave way to more free and relaxed styles.

It is in this context that the shoe style of the 20s should be understood. Women of this era sought shoes that reflected their new spirit of independence and modernity.

Shoes of the time

So, what exactly did shoes look like in the 1920s? Well, for starters, they were flat. Yes, you read correctly. The high heel wasn’t really in vogue at the time. This may seem surprising, especially considering the modern image of the 1920s as an era of glamor and extravagance.

But in reality, choosing flats was largely about practicality. Women of the time led increasingly active lifestyles, and flat shoes were simply more comfortable for walking and dancing.

On the other hand, shoes from the 1920s were most often closed and equipped with straps. This strap closure fashion was very popular at the time. The straps added a touch of sophisticated elegance to shoes and allowed for some variety in design.

Common mistakes

Now that you have an idea of ​​what shoes looked like in the 1920s, it’s time to debunk a few myths. One of the biggest misunderstandings is about wearing high heels. As mentioned earlier, high heeled shoes weren’t really common back then. This may seem odd, especially considering the modern image of the 1920s as an era of glamor and extravagance.

Another cliché to avoid is the idea that all women in the 20s wore fringed dresses with matching shoes. In reality, fringed dresses were a symbol of luxury and were not commonly worn by all women. Shoes, on the other hand, were generally simple and practical, reflecting the spirit of independence and modernity of the time.

Back to 1920!

The 1920s were a time of change and modernity. The shoes of the time reflected this spirit with their simple, flat design and elegant strap closure. So next time you’re at a ’20s-themed party, remember to leave the high heels at home and choose a pair of sleek flats instead. After all, the devil is in the details, and a pair of authentic shoes can really make the difference between a suit that holds up and one that just perpetuates clichés.