Everything you need to know about a wifi router

A router is more or less a device that allows you to create a Wi-Fi network.

This is why the wifi router must be connected to a modem. Its primary role is to send information from the Internet to your personal devices (computers, phones and tablets or others).

And all these devices connected to the Internet at home will then constitute your local network (LAN).

To cut a long story short, this tool more or less promotes the distribution of the Internet over several receivers, the number of which can always change depending on the model of the wifi router.

We can also say that it increases the number of devices with access to the network.

Coupled with a WiFi entry point, the machine provides access to a wireless connection art-diffusion.ch.

Why should you have a wifi router in your home?

First of all, it is important to specify what the wifi router is used for.

WiFi modem routers are more or less used to get a better signal.

However, we should not be mistaken about the true function of this equipment because most often certain people tend to confuse it with a switch which plays the role of connecting several devices in the same private network.

To put it simply, the switch consists of connecting several devices while the wifi router connects different networks together.

Also, it can act as a switch, hence the confusion.

However, you must check this point, because not all models have this advantage.

Having the simple right to use the Internet allows you to more or less expand the range of action of a device.

The WiFi router has several features which are:

For example, you can associate your smart TV and take advantage of the different offers on the Web or download new products from this device.

You will also have connection on more or less all your devices: your Smartphone or your tablet, communicate with your friends on social networks and share images from your last vacation lasoyeuse.info.

How to resolve a connection problem that comes from the wifi router?

First, you need to check the physical WAN and LAN connection.

Most of the time we never check physical connections enough, yet they are often the cause of problems.

Also, check the connection of the Ethernet cables to all wireless access points or wireless wifi router ports.

However, the link status LEDs must be green at both ends, otherwise: problems.

If the problem persists:

Verify that the devices connected by the Ethernet cable are powered on and that the ports are enabled.

Next, try swapping the Ethernet cables to more or less identify a damaged cable or connector.

Finally, consult the manual of the access point or wifi router to verify that you are using the correct type of cable.

The price of a wifi router

The prices of wifi routers therefore vary greatly depending on the characteristics and performance of the routers:

For a simple single baseband 802.11ac wifi router, you will have to spend around 50 euros.

Then for a two-band AC1200 model it will cost you a little more than the first but less than 100 euros.