Which coatings to avoid in 2024? The guide to decorating trends

Interior decoration is a world in perpetual motion. Each year brings its share of new things, and what was essential yesterday may prove obsolete today. As interior designers, DIY enthusiasts or simply trend enthusiasts, you know that keeping up with the hectic pace of fashion can be a real challenge. With 2024 looming on the horizon, it’s time to take stock of which coatings will no longer be on designers’ hot lists and which ones are actually worth it. This article will immerse you in the heart of decoration trends and guide you towards what you must now avoid to stay on top of modernity.

Basic white tiles, a classic to revisit

Long popular for its simplicity and timeless side, basic white tiles are one of the first to go by the wayside. This trend, although practical and bright, is now a relic of another time. In 2024, interiors are intended to be warmer and more personalized. Plain, monochrome surfaces give way to more expressive patterns and more elaborate textures. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom or kitchen, think about tiles with geometric patterns or material effects which will bring character to your rooms.

Lino, victim of its past image

Once considered an economical and practical choice for flooring, linoleum has long suffered from an outdated and unattractive image. Despite its ecological qualities and ease of maintenance, this material struggles to shed its past and meet contemporary aesthetic requirements. In 2024, it gives way to more modern alternatives such as epoxy resin floors, which offer a wide variety of finishes and increased resistance.

Flower wallpaper, seen and reviewed too many times

Floral wallpaper was charming… in the 80s. Today, this wall covering is falling out of favor. Considered too busy and difficult to adapt to modern interiors, it appears as a poor relation in the world of current decoration. For 2024, choose walls in more neutral shades or more discreet and graphic patterns, which will better integrate with the sobriety of contemporary spaces.

Waxed parquet flooring, too restrictive maintenance

Who hasn’t dreamed of a magnificent waxed parquet floor? Authentic and elegant, it brings a warm touch to any interior. However, in 2024, it is time to rethink its use. This traditional finish is not only slippery but also requires meticulous and frequent maintenance. For those who wish to maintain the aesthetics of wood, oiled or varnished parquet floors now offer more practical, durable and less restrictive alternatives.

The carpet, a nest of mites to avoid

Carpet has long been synonymous with comfort and softness underfoot. However, it is also known to be an ideal refuge for dust and mites. In 2024, in an era where health and ease of maintenance take precedence, carpet is becoming a choice to avoid, especially for people suffering from allergies. Vinyl floor coverings, or large format tiles, represent solutions that are both hygienic and fashionable.

Polystyrene ceiling tiles, an aesthetic disaster

Let’s not forget the ceiling which, too often neglected, also deserves special attention in the decoration of your interior. Polystyrene ceiling tiles, although economical and easy to install, are far from meeting current aesthetic standards. They are often associated with cheap renovations and are sorely lacking in style. In 2024, opt for more refined solutions such as stretched ceilings or paints with material effects for a more sophisticated look.

Plastic coverings, non-ecological and not very durable

In this era of environmental awareness, plastic coverings, such as certain types of vinyl or laminate, should be avoided. Not only are they unsustainable, but they also contribute to plastic pollution. Fortunately, there is no shortage of alternatives! Sustainable materials such as cork, bamboo, or even certain recycled composites, can perfectly replace plastic coverings while being environmentally friendly.

Tips for a trendy interior in 2024

If you want to give your interior a facelift, here are some tips to stay on trend for 2024:

  • Opt for natural materials : wood, stone, ceramic are not only beautiful, but also durable.
  • Prioritize quality : a well-made floor or wall covering will last longer and be more aesthetic.
  • Play with textures and colors : Matte finishes, surface effects and neutral color palettes are in vogue.
  • Think about the interview : Easy-to-clean, stain-resistant materials will make your life easier.
  • Be eco-friendly : choose environmentally friendly coverings for a home that is both beautiful and responsible.

Conclusion: a home at the cutting edge of modernity

By taking these few guidelines into account, you are ready to make informed choices when it comes to interior coverings. Avoiding outdated or impractical materials is the key to creating a living space that is contemporary, welcoming and sustainable. Remember, the most important thing is to find the right balance between aesthetics, functionality and respect for the environment. Let your creativity speak and make your home a pleasant place to live, in line with the trends of 2024!

In short, 2024 will be the year of conscious timelessness. The coverings that should be avoided are not simply outdated, they no longer meet our current needs for aesthetics, functionality and eco-responsibility. Choose materials that will stand the test of time without losing their beauty, and your interior will be both more modern and more welcoming.



What floor coverings should you avoid in terms of decorating trends for 2024?

In 2024, it is advisable to avoid linoleum flooring that imitates other materials, as it can give an unauthentic appearance. In addition, long pile carpets will be less popular, as they represent a challenge in terms of maintenance and hygiene.

Are there any wall coverings that will no longer be fashionable in 2024?

Wallpapers with very busy patterns or very bright colors may no longer be in vogue in 2024, favoring more refined designs and calming hues. Likewise, large wall tiles could be abandoned in favor of more varied formats and more subtle finishes.

What types of kitchen countertop coverings will be out of fashion in 2024?

Laminate countertops with imitation stone or wood designs are likely to lose popularity in 2024. Consumers tend to prefer authentic materials or innovative coatings that combine aesthetics and durability.

Is the use of certain coverings for furniture not recommended in 2024?

Furniture covered in low-quality wood veneers or excessive glossy finishes may not be recommended in 2024. There is a shift toward more natural finishes and durable materials that contribute to a timeless aesthetic.

Should we avoid certain exterior coverings in 2024 to be on trend?

In 2024, it may be best to move away from vinyl siding or synthetic coverings that poorly imitate natural materials. The trend will be towards more authentic and environmentally friendly materials, such as natural wood or natural stone coverings.