Prices of the on-call pharmacy

A small injury, a medical emergency, finding an on-call pharmacy can sometimes be complicated, there are several solutions available to you. By calling the single number 118.018, you will quickly find the address of the pharmacy closest to your home. There are two types of guards, those with open shutters and those with closed shutters.

Is having a pharmacy on call obligatory?

To meet the needs of patients outside the opening hours generally practiced by pharmacies, an on-call service is organized. It is mandatory to have a pharmacy on duty. Enough is needed to cover urgent needs throughout the country so that patients do not have to travel too great distances to find one. The pharmacies open each in turn to ensure guard duty. In rural areas, the pharmacy on call is generally located in the same geographical area as that of the doctor on call.

How does such a pharmacy work?

Once you have found your nearest on-call pharmacy to your home, you can go there with a prescription or hospital prescription to collect your medical treatment. Prices vary. The on-call pharmacy receives social security compensation for the on-call service. You’re not going to pay that. However, there are additional fees during the day, Sunday or at night. It’s five euros for the day and eight euros for the night. This fee is applied to each prescription and covered by health insurance. Some patients have noticed that these supplements can also be applied over the counter. To avoid wasting your time in a mad rush across the city, opt for the unique number 118.018.