Seated massage, ideal for stress management

Seated massage is now a practice that is very successful with companies to manage employee stress and make them much more productive. This type of massage is also known as “seated amma” or “chair massage”. Taking these names into account, we immediately have in mind how this type of massage can take place. The seated amma, is practiced by a masseur-physiotherapist, and is done on a chair at the moment, whereas in the past, it was practiced on the floor, or a table.

It is a massage of Japanese origin, which aims to remove the stress accumulated in the patient and to relax them so that they can return to work with a feeling of total relief. More and more companies are using this massage at the moment. What do you need to know about this type of massage?

Seated massage and business

THE seated massage is a relaxation practice made very popular thanks to the American David Palmer. It was since the 1980s that he convinced certain companies to use this type of massage to reduce the stress of their employees, while relieving their bodily tension. Nowadays, the number of companies using seated massage continues to increase. It is especially those who decide to promote well-being at work who are interested in this massage. What is good about the seated amma is that it can adapt very well to organizational constraints.

For a chair massage session, you should plan on a duration of between 15 to 20 minutes, and a single ergonomic chair can be more than enough. THE seated massage is very popular by a large number of business managers because it increases productivity, reduces absenteeism and also helps fight muscloskeletal disorders. The negative effects of these occupational illnesses on company productivity should not be overlooked. Moreover, these are continuing to increase at the moment. Companies must therefore quickly find the solution that helps reduce risks. What differentiates the seated amma and the complete amma lies in the fact that the complete amma is practiced on the entire body and in a lying position. Furthermore, seated amma is done on a chair and does not involve the legs.

A story of seated massage

The seated massage evokes a relaxation technique which allows you to calm through touch. The history of this massage dates back more than 5,000 years. It is an energizing wellness practice based on the principles of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, which is acupuncture. Seated massage is very popular in the West and is the origin of Shiatsu. In the past, seated amma is practiced on the floor, on a stool or on a table.

The massage technique was developed by David Palmer who also created the first seated amma training school, “the Amma Institute of San Francisco” in 1982 in the United States. He is also the one who invented the ergonomic chair specially designed for this type of massage. Seated massage is a relaxation technique that is suitable for everyone. In addition, it can be done anywhere: home, office, airport, in private practice, etc. you just need an ergonomic chair. The seated massage does not require the use of an essential oil or cream. However, some precautions should be taken for people with sensitive skin, pregnant women and sick people.

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