How to repair a water leak at a connection?

réparer une fuite deau

The water distribution and wastewater evacuation systems of a house are made up of pipes connected by fittings. Over time, water leaks can occur at the junctions due to natural wear and tear of the installation or poor quality construction …

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Some tips to prevent blocked pipes

Quelques astuces pour prévenir l’engorgement des canalisations

Knowing how to avoid clogged pipes will help keep your plumbing system in good condition. Learning how to unclog a drain will also help you avoid a costly service call from the plumber. Pipes always seem to get clogged at …

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Water heater repair in Paris: at what price?

depannage chauffe eau paris 1024x677 1

Is your water heater not working properly? Is the water not hot as usual? Consider calling in a professional to check where the malfunction in your device is coming from. Contact a plumber heating qualified to repair your water heater …

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How is the pipe unblocking done?

img proprietaire canalisation debouchage locataire payer 1024x683 1

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to face a clogged pipe whether in the toilet, sink, shower or sink. In this case, you will have to unblock your network to permanently get rid of the blockage and avoid having possible problems …

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How to fix a water leak yourself?

liminez les fuites deau 660x400 1

Some plumbing problems do not require the intervention of a professional to resolve them. For example, water leaks are considered one of the scourges of homeowners and can occur in several places in the pipes. If you experience a water …

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4 Ways to Fix a Leaky Pipe

réparer un tuyau qui fuit

Anyone can find themselves facing a leak or water damage in their home. If you encounter a water leak from a pipe at home, you can remedy it temporarily while waiting for the intervention of your professional. If you’re a …

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How to fix a water leak in a lead pipe?

réparer une fuite deau sur un tuyau en plomb

When you have a leak in the lead pipes, you must notify your plumber very quickly. A water leak can quickly turn into a real disaster, which is why your repairer must intervene on site to carry out the necessary …

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How do I find a plumber near me in Paris?

trouver un plombier dans paris

Paris, capital of France, is the municipality with the most offers in the plumbing field. In fact, by consulting the web, you will be able to find more than ten of them around you. However, it is not wise to opt for the services of a random plumber. You risk coming across an inexperienced plumber or one who overcharges for his working hours. Faced with this, even if an intervention is urgent, it is necessary to take the time to check the background of the craftsman you hire. In this article, we give you our recommendations for finding a plumber near you in Paris.

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