Reconfinement and Moving, what you need to know

On October 29, the French government decided to re-confine all of France in order to stop the spread of coronavirus 19 which has been affecting the entire world for several months now. However, a question may arise when moving: is it possible to move and if so, under what conditions? Answers in this article with the important information you need to know.

Are moves permitted during this period? confinement ?

“Removals will be authorized with proof during this period of confinement,” informed Prime Minister JeanCastex on October 29. Obviously, you will have to respect certain conditions so that everything takes place in the best conditions. You will therefore be obliged to complete an exemption certificate which will prove that you are going to move.

This exceptional certificate is mandatory so that you can avoid paying a fine of 135 euros in the event of an inspection. As part of your move during confinement, it is strongly recommended not to move on your own since you will not be able to call on loved ones (friends or even family). Only a maximum of 5 people are allowed in a move.

Also, it is strongly recommended to use professional movers who are authorized to carry out their activity. The movers will be able to provide you with travel certificates for your personal effects. The drivers and moving teams will have all the necessary documents so that your move takes place in the best conditions.

To be able to contact a professional mover, you can carry out numerous searches on the internet. Not all moving agencies are offering their services during this unprecedented time. This is why you will need to find the right agency through extensive research.

What precautions should be taken when moving during confinement?

As explained previously, you will not be able to call on your friends or relatives, as specified by the Ministry of the Interior. A move without going through a company must therefore only be done with members of the same household. However, if there are two of you, it may be complicated to organize your move, especially if you are moving abroad or far from your current city.

Also, before professional movers come to your home, it is strongly recommended to clean your furniture or your boxes, or to begin their preparation with gloves in order to avoid spreading the coronavirus 19. Once you have prepared all your belongings and boxes, you can put them in one room so that professional movers do not circulate in all the rooms of your home.

This will therefore limit the circulation of the covid virus. Furthermore, it is essential that you have hydroalcoholic gels at your disposal for you, but also for professional movers. For their part, the movers will have taken precautions by wearing masks and having cleaned the moving truck from top to bottom. Of course, if certain movers show symptoms, they will be replaced automatically.

In this unprecedented and complicated period of confinement, moves are still taking place. But to preserve safety and health of everyone, it is essential to respect barrier gestures such as the distance of at least one meter between each person. It is important to limit contact as much as possible.

This is why, for example, as part of a technical visit to your home, it will be organized via videoconference or even by telephone. In addition, it is strongly recommended to have as few things as possible to move to avoid spreading the virus.