The top 5 perfumes to wear in spring

Spring is many people’s favorite season. These months are synonymous with rebirth. After winter, nature takes back its rights. The landscapes become green again, the flowers appear. Nature becomes joyful, which has an impact on morale. To be in a good state of mind, we all want to wear perfume for our first outings in several months. Here are the best perfumes to wear in spring.

Wild by Dior

It’s a men’s perfume that can be worn in spring. With its notes of vanilla and lavender, it is ideal for outfits that are neither too warm nor too light. Which makes it a perfect scent for spring.

He is not unknown: the face of this perfume is none other than Johnny Depp, and his advertising is regularly shown on television.

The Night of Man, by Yves Saint-Laurent

The French designer has created a fragrance suitable for men who want to take advantage of spring to have new conquests. This sexy, captivating and virile perfume appeals to women. As the name suggests, this perfume will make the man who wears it the star of the evening and the night.

Land of hermes

This stronger perfume is typically masculine: square bottle and spicy liqueur. Citrus fruits and pepper are the basis of this creation. This perfume connects man to his origins, to the heart of the earth.

Ideal in spring, it is suitable for men coming out of their den. Hibernation is over, it’s time to go out with your wife. It is therefore not made to seduce, but to rekindle the flame between two beings.

Jeanne Lanvin My Sin, by Lanvin

Now for feminine perfumes. This one is undoubtedly the best of its kind. The mixture of fruit and flowers makes this perfume very spring-like. Light and pleasant to sniff, it can be worn for any occasion.

Poison girl, by Dior

Created in 2016, this perfume is a continuation of the “Poison” family, a classic from the Dior perfume house. The marriage of rose and vanilla makes this perfume both sensual and delicious.