Our advice for choosing a restaurant

Are you planning to invite your family or loved ones to the restaurant? You must take the time to carefully select the culinary establishment to frequent if you want to be rewarded with a unique gastronomic experience. However, this is not easy because of the plurality of options.

The location of the restaurant: an important point

The location of the establishment is a criterion not to be neglected. It depends on your goals and needs. Choosing a restaurant with a panoramic view is, for example, suitable for a couple wanting to spend romantic and pleasant moments. A place where it is possible to eat outside without getting sunburned is recommended for a family with children. Finally, an establishment offering private rooms is preferred for a group of friends looking for a quiet place to chat.

Restaurant specialties: a crucial detail

The culinary specialties offered by the restaurant should also influence your choice. This is particularly valid if you are looking for a particular cuisine (Italian, French, Asian, etc.). Also take the time to check the reputation of the chef. If it comes from the country where the dishes originated, your chance of tasting an authentic recipe increases. Furthermore, pay particular attention to customers who eat in the establishment. An Italian restaurant popular with Italians generally serves very good dishes from La Botte.

Cleanliness: a criterion not to be neglected

Before bringing your loved ones to a restaurant, check that it indeed respects the basics of hygiene. So make sure the tables are clean. THE dishes, spoons, glasses… must also shine. If possible, take a trip to the toilets to see if they are properly maintained. Please note that a quality culinary establishment generally does not use very aggressive indoor air fresheners.

Good to know: some restaurants now offer online food ordering. This option is preferred if you want to avoid making a mistake in choosing the culinary establishment.