The advantages of the 22-inch screen: more productivity, less eye fatigue!

22-inch screens have become essential in the monitor market for your workspace. With their many advantages, they offer better productivity and a lower risk of eye fatigue.

Discover in this article the different technologies and features that make 22-inch monitors a great choice for your office.

The different types of 22 inch screen

  • Curved screens are one of the most popular technologies available today. They offer a larger viewing area, which puts less strain on your eyes. The curved edges are designed to provide better image quality and a wider field of view.
  • LED screens are another popular option. They are known for their image quality, brightness and low power consumption. LED screens are also thinner and lighter than LCD screens, making them easy to move and set up.
  • Micro LED screens are even more advanced and offer exceptional image quality and very high resolution. They come with faster refresh rates, allowing users to enjoy a smoother viewing experience.

How do 22-inch screens improve productivity?

Monitors of this size offer a larger surface area and higher resolution, allowing multiple windows or applications to be displayed on the screen at once. This eliminates the need to switch too much between apps or web browser tabs, reducing the time spent searching for information.

These screens have wide viewing angles and display vibrant, rich colors, meaning users can view important documents and easily defer content without eye strain.

The 22-inch screens offer sufficiently high resolution to enable users to perform a range of tasks without loss of image quality or distortion.

They come with options such as sleep mode, which allows users to stay permanently connected to the internet without constant power and with very little energy consumption. Multiple connectivity is also available thanks to multiple ports on these monitors for optimal connection with a laptop or desktop PC.

Finally, ergonomics is very taken into account with these monitors, because they have height/tilt adjustable stands making it easy to watch for a long time without fatigue and neck/back pain typical when looking at a screen for too long.

Why choose a 22-inch screen?

  • Better productivity : The 22-inch screen size gives a wider and more comfortable workspace that can significantly improve productivity. With better image quality and more space, you can easily work on multiple applications at once, increasing your productivity. 22-inch size monitors are also easier to install than 27- and 32-inch monitors.
  • A sharper display : The Full HD resolution of 22-inch monitors provides a sharper display than the 1080p HD resolution of 27-inch screens.
  • Longer lifespan : Full HD monitors are much more shock resistant than standard HD monitors, and battery life is also longer than HD models.
  • Less eye fatigue : Curved screens and micro LED screens offer wider viewing angles and more vibrant colors. These technologies help reduce eye fatigue and provide you with a more comfortable viewing experience. Users will have much less need to zoom in and out to view information that is normally displayed on small screens. It is also useful for those who work on a laptop, as their vision will not be limited by the small dimensions of a screen. Additionally, using a larger screen means there will be less display per pixel (dpi).
  • An affordable cost : due to their standardization, 22-inch screens are available at affordable prices and offer excellent image quality. Some models feature advanced technologies that can help improve your viewing experience. 32-inch monitors are generally more expensive than 22-inch monitors, although offering the same picture quality. In fact, some 32-inch models come with AMOLED technology, giving them better contrast and more vibrant colors.
  • Better gaming experience : 22-inch monitors also provide a better gaming experience. They are equipped with HDMI, USB and VGA input ports to connect your computer to the display.

So, convinced by these screens?

22-inch monitors are a great option for your workspace. Providing improved productivity and reduced risk of eye strain, they are ideal for those looking to improve their viewing experience and work more efficiently.

Curved displays, LED displays, and micro LED displays are the most popular technologies in the monitor market and offer a variety of features and technologies at affordable prices.


How big is the 22 inch screen?

The 22-inch screen measures approximately 55 cm diagonally.

What are the advantages of using a 22 inch screen?

A 22-inch screen offers a larger display area than most other screens, allowing for greater productivity and less eye strain.

How accurate is the 22-inch screen?

The quality and accuracy of a display generally depends on the type and quality of components used. 22-inch screens generally offer Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, which allows for a precise and sharp display.

Are there any disadvantages to using a 22-inch screen?

Some 22-inch monitors may lack some advanced features such as HDR support or LED backlighting.

What are the recognized brands for 22-inch screens?

There are many well-known brands for 22-inch displays, including Dell, HP, LG, Samsung, Acer and Asus.